Forget AirTags — Tile can now find your missing Fitbit

Fitbit Inspire 2 Tile
(Image credit: Fitbit)

One of the best fitness trackers is gaining a new feature that will be especially helpful for forgetful types. New and existing Fitbit Inspire 2 users can now use the Tile's Bluetooth tracking capabilities to find their activity band, should it go missing. The software update supporting this new feature is rolling out starting Monday (March 22).

Although it's one of the best fitness trackers, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is relatively small device, making it simple to misplace. When you enable Tile tracking support, you should be able to see its last known location, even if it's miles away.

Your Fitbit Inspire 2 can also ping your smartphone via Tile support, even if your phone is on silent. To enable the feature, update your activity band's software in the Fitbit app, then download the Tile app if you don't have it installed on your handset already.

Though the Tile app, you'll have the option to enable “Smart Alerts," which can notify you when you're leaving home without your Fitbit. However, Smart Alerts require a $2.99 per month Tile Premium subscription.

Fitbit's Tile integration only available for Inspire 2 users at this time. That means Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 users should do their best to not lose their smartwatches, for the time being.

This upgrade comes ahead of the rumored Apple AirTags launch. It's believed Apple is hosting an event in April, where the company's long-awaited key finders will finally be revealed. As such, Tile, which makes some of the best key finders, is likely looking for ways to maintain its edge in the Bluetooth tracking market. 

Tile already partnered with Fitbit's parent company Google to ping Tile trackers through Google Assistant-enabled devices, like any of the best Google Home speakers

If the support for Tile is a convincing case to get the Inspire 2, be sure to check out the best Fitbit deals right now for savings. 

Kate Kozuch

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