Falcon and Winter Soldier spoiler: Toy leak reveals who gets Captain America’s shield

Falcon and Winter Soldier spoiler: Toy leak reveals who gets Captain America’s shield
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The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced the "new Captain America," a square-jawed poser, to which Marvel fans collectively replied, "Hell no." (No offense to his portrayer, Wyatt Russell.) Because Captain America himself bequeathed his shield and name to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), who deserves the position.

But a potential Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoiler indicates that this new Captain America may not have the shield for that long. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

A Chinese retailer TMall's Disney store leaked images of merchandise from Falcon and Winter soldier, and one toy in particular snagged the attention of Reddit. The package features Sam and his Falcon wings, but his entire outfit is now red, white and blue. The toy also comes with the Captain America shield.

Don't think this could just be related to Sam using the shield in practice, as has been seen in trailers. The new armor gives this a bit more weight. While it's possible that this merchandise is fake, the images look similar to another toy leak from January.

If the toys are real, then they serve as confirmation that Sam does become the next, true Captain America, just as fans have been hoping. But it won't be an easy journey for the Falcon. 

Perhaps Falcon and the Winter Soldier will follow the comics storyline in which John Walker is named as the new Captain America, loses that title and becomes U.S. Agent. 

In the show, Walker will serve as a contrast to Sam. As showrunner Malcolm Spellman told USA Today, "Walker speaks to this idea of American exceptionalism and the necessity we have in questioning it."

Meanwhile, Sam questions his worthiness to bear Steve Rogers' shield. "The thing I most wanted to explore was the conflict of a Black man becoming Captain America or not. What does it mean if he succeeds? What does it mean if he fails?”

As Sam told Steve when he got the shield, "I'll do my best." And as Steve replied, "That's why it's yours."

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