Disney Plus reveals Ms. Marvel release date and first trailer that teases changes

kamala khan as ms. marvel with purple glowing fist
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Disney Plus’s Moon Knight is just around the corner, and you know what that means? The hype train for the next big Marvel streaming show is ready to leave the station. After Moon Knight, which is getting rave early reactions, Disney has just announced Ms. Marvel will be coming, starting on June 8, 2022.

Ms. Marvel follows the adventures of Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American teen from New Jersey, and one of the breakout new Marvel characters of the past decade. However the show looks to deviate from her comics origin, in at least one way we can see in the trailer below:

In the comics Kamala is one of a new wave of Inhumans, receiving her powers from Terrigen mists unleashed upon the planet. But considering the baggage that comes with the Inhumans in MCU-centric properties, it seems Marvel Studios has tweaked her origin more than a bit. 

Kamala appears to get her powers from some sort of magic and/or cosmic bracelet which lets her create and control crystalline objects. That’s a big deviation from the comics, where Terrigenesis gave her shapeshifting abilities akin to Mr Fantastic, of Fantastic Four fame.

So any questions fans might have about the canonicity of Agents of SHIELD, or the short-lived and disastrous Inhumans TV series, aren’t being answered here.

It’s not clear what the show will be about, and if Kamala will face any specific threats — teenage life and racism notwithstanding. But then again, that’s a heck of a lot for one person to handle, especially when you also have to get to grips with burgeoning superpowers.

But it’s clear that Kamala’s own love of Captain Marvel and the other Avengers are going to inspire her to do great things. Or at least try to do as much as any teen hero with homework responsibilities can.

The first of Ms Marvel’s six episodes will debut on Disney Plus on Wednesday, June 8.

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