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Coronavirus map: Online dashboard shows over 24,000 cases and nearly 500 deaths

Coronavirus dashboard Feb 5
(Image credit: CSSE)

With so much misinformation spreading online about the deadly coronavirus, it’s good to know that scientists are working hard to cut through the hype and deliver just the facts. The bad news is that the facts are looking worse by the day.

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) has been synthesizing data from multiple sources that have been studying the coronavirus outbreak, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the centers for disease control and prevention in the U.S., China and Europe.

The result is an online coronavirus dashboard and coronavirus map that displays the total confirmed coronavirus cases, the confirmed cases by region and the total number of deaths, which sadly increased from 81 on Jan. 27 to 494 as of Feb. 5.

Latest coronavirus updates

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases jumped from 2,886 on Jan. 27 to over 24,000 on Feb. 5.

Coronavirus map and dashboard

To give you a sense of how fast this virus is spreading, the number of confirmed cases jumped from 2,886 Jan. 27 to 24,607 cases Feb. 5.

This dashboard includes a coronavirus map, so you can see where new cases are being reported. As you click on the red dots, you'll see the name of the province or region, the number of confirmed cases and number of deaths. Hubei, for example, had more than 16,000 confirmed cases alone as of this writing. 

In a statement posted on its website, the CSSE said it created the online dashboard to “visualize and track the reported cases on a daily timescale…The dashboard is intended to provide the public with an understanding of the outbreak situation as it unfolds, with transparent data sources.”

China initiates emergency measures, U.S. restricts travel

The initial outbreak of Coronavirus began in Wuhan City in the Hubei Province in China. The WHO was informed of the outbreak on December 31, 2019 and by January 23 there were more than 800 cases. Infected air travelers are believed to be responsible for the spread of the virus outside Wuhan.  

According to a CNN report, China has initiated emergency procedures. Wuhan itself is effectively under quarantine with “all routes in and out of the city closed or highly regulated.” Overall, about 60 million people continue to be under lockdown in China.

As reported by Reuters, a study by the Imperial College London estimates that each infected person has spread the Coranvirus to two or three other people. And Chinese officials have confirmed that the virus can be spread before any symptoms appear, which can make containing the outbreak quite difficult. 

The State Department in the U.S. has raised its threat level to four and is advising Americans not to travel to China. And according to CNN, International researchers are racing to develop a vaccine and halt the virus' spread.

Eleventh person confirmed infected in US

In the U.S. the eleventh case of the coronavirus has been confirmed in the U.S. as three people tested positive in California. 

U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said that the U.S. will be sending more planes to bring back citizens from Hubei province in China. Anyone entering the U.S. who has been in China's Hubei province in the last two weeks will be subject to a two-week quarantine. 

For its part, the CSSE said in its blog post that it was currently “In the process of conducting additional modeling of this emerging outbreak” and will update its post with the results soon.