Book of Boba Fett mistake caught in 4K

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, with Boba Fett's ship, as seen in The Book of Boba Fett poster art
(Image credit: Disney Plus)

Criticism of the Disney Plus series The Book of Boba Fett comes in many flavors, including angry fans of this definition of the character and those bored by the series' slow storytelling. But one TikTok'er found a mistake that's hard to argue with.

A freeze-frame of The Book of Boba Fett chapter 3 at around 33:10 (we checked for ourselves and can confirm it), there's a bit of odd and exposed set scenery in the bottom corner — as you see a bit of exposed facade. While we're all human and nobody doesn't make mistakes, this kind of thing you rarely see in a big budget project. Especially a Lucasfilm or Disney Plus show.


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Missed it? Couldn't see up close? Here's our freeze-frame, and then a close-up. Look close enough and you'll see the wooden planks. The TikTok user who shared the clip, eegroeg, captioned it "Looks odd for Tatooine." Which it does. 

Our sister-site Cinemablend also covered this mistake, in a post that joked "Wow, is this evidence that all of Mos Espa is constructed all as part of some elaborate lie for Boba Fett? Is this all a big facade?!?"

And as much as The Book of Boba Fett could use some kind of The Truman Show/WandaVision swerve (which would likely only enrage audiences more), this seems much more human.

Mistakes like these happen, and happen more often than those running the set would probably like to admit. While many will note that odd Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones, the errant plastic water bottle seen near Samwell Tarly's foot in the series finale comes to mind instantly. And even Pulp Fiction has continuity errors, as you can see bullet holes in the apartment that Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta were visiting — before the room is shot up.

What's going on with The Book of Boba Fett?

As you may notice when you go online, The Book of Boba Fett has failed to meet expectations for some. And while it has a decent Rotten Tomatoes score (85% at the time of publishing), the overall sentiment has been that the series has been too slow and its time-jumping narrative isn't helping.

We're in the tail-end of the season, though, as The Book of Boba Fett episode 5 debuts this week — with only two episodes to follow it. Hopefully, something changes with the mood, or else The Book of Boba Fett may continue to live in the shadow of The Mandalorian (who may be showing up this week). Early The Book of Boba Fett episode 5 fan reactions, by the way, seem highly positive (even though it almost feels like a different show).

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