Beautyrest's fully customizable mattresses get a mega price-cut for Labor Day

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If you're in the market for a truly luxurious mattress, allow us to direct you towards Beautyrest. This bed brand makes a range of high-end mattresses, and you can save up to $800 on several models in the Labor Day mattress sales. If you bundle your new mattress in with an adjustable bed frame, you can bump that saving up to $1000. 

This biggest discounts can be unlocked on the Beautyrest Black and Black Hybrid models, both of which you can customize to your precise comfort preferences. Do this by adding one of a wide range of toppers, designed to adjust the firmness of the mattress and improve support or pressure relief, if you particularly need it. Opt for the most advanced topper, and you'll save $600, taking the total price of a queen down to $4299 (was $4899). 

There are also big discounts on the Harmony range, which is slightly cheaper, with prices starting at $1199 of the discounted models. Again, you've got plenty of customisation options, with different firmness levels to choose from, the option of an added pillow top and cooling upgrades to add if you fancy. 

This is one of many bed brands – including those featured in our best mattress guide – to have launched their Labour Day sales early, giving you plenty of time to shop ahead of the actual holiday. 

Beautyrest Black mattress: now from $2249$1849 at Beautyrest (save up to $600)

Beautyrest Black mattress: now from $2249 $1849 at Beautyrest (save up to $600)
The Beautyrest Black can be completely customized with different toppers to upgrade the support and softness on offer. All options include plant-based cooling technology, zoned coils, and gel memory foam for comfort, while more advanced options include extra nano-coils and a whole load more memory foam for superior pressure relief. You'll have 100 nights to try it out and make sure you love it, and white glove delivery comes included. 

Beautyrest: up to $600 off the full range of mattresses at Beautyrest

Beautyrest: up to $600 off the full range of mattresses at Beautyrest
Beautyrest makes a number of luxurious mattresses, many of which can be heavily customised to offer different firmness levels. For Labor Day, there are discounts on almost all of them, with the biggest price drops on the most advanced models, on which you can save up to $600. All mattress purchases come with a 100-night in-home trial.

If you're in the market up upgrade your full sleep setup, you can also bundle in an adjustable bed base and bump up your savings to $1000. All Beautyrest mattresses include a 100-night in-home trial, white glove delivery, and 10-year limited warranty. 

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