Avatar’s re-release has a surprise post-credits scene — what you need to know

Avatar 2
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It’s no secret that Avatar: The Way of Water is coming to theaters this December, and that Disney is re-releasing the original 2009 movie tomorrow (September 23). But it sounds like Disney is going all in to get butts in seats, which includes throwing a new post-credits scene into the mix.

According to various reports from people who’ve seen the re-released movie, Avatar now has a scene nestled at the end of the credits — Marvel style. Those reports claim that the footage isn’t a special scene, per se, but rather a clip from the upcoming sequel.

That's not a huge surprise, if I’m being honest. The original Avatar came before Hollywood really fell in love with post-credit scenes, not that director James Cameron seems the type to include one teasing a sequel that took 13 years to arrive. So this is  the perfect opportunity for Disney to market the sequel.

The surprise here is that the screenings reportedly included different teaser clips at the end. So it’s not like watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and watching the same Avatar 2 trailer no matter how many times you go in.

People on Reddit are already discussing which scenes they got, and they do indeed appear to be different. Potential scenes apparently feature a water tribe with “Māori like” Na'vi, and Jake and his kid with some sort of alien whale. Others may be revealed as the movie opens in regions beyond France and Korea.

The Avatar re-release is notable for a number of reasons, beyond the fact a sequel is coming. The main draw is the fact that director James Cameron has remastered the movie, with updated visuals and sound, while also boosting the resolution to 4K — something that hasn’t been done before. 

Disney also pulled the movie from Disney Plus last month, seemingly in anticipation of the re-release. There’s no word on when the movie will return to the service, so your only option to watch Avatar right now is to either buy a theater ticket or pay for a digital copy or a Blu-ray.

The re-release has also been receiving some very warm reception on Twitter, though it’s going to be a lot easier to wade through if you can speak French. Apparently, the remastered visuals on the big-screen are varying levels of amazing. 

So if you’re big on the whole cinema experience, or you just want to watch Avatar on the big-screen, it might be worth picking up a ticket. I just hope the scenes on offer aren't as dull as the first trailer.

Just remember that Avatar is almost three hours long. James Cameron might have given blanket permission for audiences to take a pee break, but that would require missing some of the action. Be prepared for that, in other words.

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