Avatar 2's teaser trailer is finally online: Watch here

Before I saw Doctor Strange 2 in theaters, I was one of the many who saw the teaser trailer for Avatar 2 (aka Avatar: The Way of Water). And unless you were one of the many who saw the latest MCU movie, you had to wait until today (May 9), as the above clip was a theatrical exclusive. Or at least this is the debut of the official version of the trailer (we're betting some folks uploaded phone-recorded versions).

The above footage, which brings audiences back to the world of Pandora, one of the moons in the planet Polyphemus, where the Na'vi people are bracing for a war. In the clip, we see Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), as well as the flying Toruk.

We also see a new species of creatures that look like the Avatar world's version of whales. The Toruks fly above Pandora's peaceful blue waters, and at the end of the clip, we hear Sully say "I know one thing: this family is our fortress."

Analysis: So, why should people care about Avatar 2?

The above trailer may be exciting for fans of the first who have been chomping at the bit. The film did amazing box office numbers, and continued to do well after Avengers: Endgame temporarily stole its crown — when a 2021 release in China helped it climb back up.

That said, when I saw this trailer I was given zero reason to actually think about going to see Avatar 2. The teaser trailer is boring, and it basically gives us little to think about beyond a Fast & Furious-style reminder that family is the most important thing.

Avatar killed at the box office so many moons ago in 2009 because its approach to 3D film-making was very revolutionary. But now, 13 years later, Avatar 2 doesn't seem to provide much that fans aren't getting from other 3D versions of blockbusters. 

On top of that, its story (its weakest part) seems very slight based on this teaser trailer, and we've got little reason to be interested other than the fact that the water on Pandora makes us want to go for a swim.

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