AirPods Pro giveaway! Win Apple’s red-hot wireless earbuds from Tom’s Guide

AirPods Pro
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They're so hot that they're selling out everywhere. But you can win a pair of the AirPods Pro for free from Tom's Guide.

If you haven’t read our AirPods Pro review, these are the best wireless earbuds you can buy, complete with fantastic noise cancellation, a comfortable fit (thanks to multiple eartips) and sweat-resistance for working out. The AirPods Pro is also the perfect accessory to gift anyone who owns an iPhone

We’ll give you a pair of the $249/£249 wireless buds—for free—if you participate in our sweepstakes. Details to enter are below and entrants have until December 30, 2019 at 11:59 PM ET to enter to win. One lucky participant gets Apple’s newest wirelessly charging, wirelessly connected ‘buds for gratis. 

How to enter to win AirPods Pro now

There are multiple ways to win. And the more options you choose, the more chances you have to win.

1. Send a tweet mentioning @Tom'sGuide from your own account

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Why we like the AirPods Pro

If you need a refresher on just how sweet this kitty is, here’s a recap of salient points from our time listening with, wear testing, commuting, grooving out and relaxing with the AirPods Pro.

On noise-canceling: “In a sheer quiet test, the AirPods Pro is quieter than a Bose-collaborated product."

On comfort:
“…I could galavant around NYC without worrying about an unfortunate AirPods mishap. In fact, I wore the AirPods Pro for well over 2 hours in blissful comfort.”

On ease of use:
“…tapping on those skinny stems is so much more comfortable than pressing buttons on the part of the bud resting in my ear.”

On sound quality:
“The AirPods ... manage to deliver clean, balanced audio that's loud and plenty enjoyable. “

On battery life:
“I squeezed about 4.5 hours from the AirPods (including a 40-minute commute, 2 hours of Netflix, a 1-hour phone conversation, 1.5 hours of Steven Universe and a whole bunch of YouTube videos) before I got a low-battery notification.”

On call quality:
“Out of the three pairs of buds, my caller ranked the AirPods Pro as the best, followed by the Echo Buds and the Sony WF-1000XM3, and I agree.”

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