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Amazon Black Friday deal: The new Echo smart speaker is now only £59

Amazon Black Friday
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The Black Friday deals are underway, making this fall a good time to get yourself a tech bargain, especially from Amazon. 

Case in point: the Echo 4th gen is on sale for £59 at Amazon. That's a saving of £30, so you could have some money left over for some of out picks for the best Amazon Black Friday deals; there are a lot of them from laptops to home appliances.  

Echo 4th Gen: was £89 now £59 @ Amazon
The Echo is the latest full-size smart speaker from Amazon offering a new spherical design, good sound for its price and an audio in/put port. It's both literally and figuratively one of the most well-rounded smart speakers we've tested. View Deal

In our Amazon Echo 4th gen review, we found that the new smart speaker offers high-quality audio for a device that sits under £100. And now that Amazon has ditched the cylindrical design of its older Echo smart speakers for a spherical shape, the new smart speaker is not only more interesting to look at, but has space for an additional tweeter.

So while the fourth-generation Amazon Echo makes a big visual statement with its new design, it’s what’s on the inside of the Echo that makes it one of the best smart speakers. That’s because the Echo not only has improved audio, but a host of other features that make it one of the best smart home devices around. 

One the sound side it offers deep resonant bass and a general warmth to the songs. And on the smart side, you can program Alexa to have comprehensive routines and control the behavior of other gadgets in your home. 

As such, the new Echo is a good smart speaker for audio pleasure or to center your smart home around. But if you're not down with Alexa, check out our best Black Friday speaker deals for more smart speakers that might take your fancy. 

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