7-Eleven launches its latest sustainably sourced coffee option

(Image credit: 7-Eleven)

7-Eleven has brought a new coffee flavor to its stores this week, launching 7-Reserve premium coffee at participating locations for a limited time. The new variety offers a bright flavor profile thanks to the growing conditions of the Guatemalan beans it uses. It's the first 7-Eleven 7-Reserve coffee to come from the Huehuetenango region, which infuses its beans with its volcanic soil and a higher elevation producing a fragrant flavor with a sweet aftertaste. 

Available for the same price as other 7-Eleven brews, the 7-Eleven Reserve premium brew is Rainforest Alliance Certified, developed from sustainably sourced Arabica beans. These popular beans are grown, processed, and sold from the same region, keeping profits local and reducing environmental harm.

"The beans for this variety are grown on small farms in a micro-region known for its high-quality coffee and sustainable farming practices - both requirements for all our 7-Reserve coffees," explains Jacob Barnes, 7-Eleven Proprietary Beverages Senior Product Director. "7-Reserve Guatemala is perfect for those who are looking for a bolder cup to start their morning - or for a vacation from their regular coffee - without spending exorbitant coffeeshop prices."

Far from providing simple morning coffees, 7-Eleven has been building a strong repertoire of premium, sustainably sourced brews since 2016. New Reserve single-origin coffees are regularly introduced to select stores throughout the country, and have previously spanned Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees from El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Kenya.

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