How to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy S22

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Clearing the cache on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is a useful feature. When troubleshooting problems with your phone, clearing/wiping your cache is a good place to start. Thankfully, Samsung lets users access it relatively easily.

Basically, every time you turn on your Galaxy S22 a cache is made. It contains all kinds of temporary files from apps and other general usage. When a file gets corrupted or something goes wrong, it’s useful to clear your cache so the phone can start anew. This way, your phone can create new files without running into the same problems as the old ones. 

Ready to clear your cache? Get started using the steps below.

How to clear the cache on Samsung Galaxy S22

1. Turn off your device by pressing and holding the power and volume down button and tapping the power off icon.

how to clear cache on galaxy s22: step 1

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2. Enter the recovery screen by holding down the power and volume up buttons until you see the logo appear. At this point, you can release the buttons.

how to clear cache on galaxy s22: step 2

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3. Here, your device will be in recovery mode and you will be presented with multiple options. Use the volume down button to go to Wipe cache partition.

Warning: Wipe data/factory reset will completely reset your entire device. Be careful to not choose this option.

how to clear cache on galaxy s22: step 3

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4. You will see a warning here, but since you want to clear the cache, use the volume down button to select yes. Then, press the power button to confirm.

how to clear cache on galaxy s22: step 4

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5. You will be brought back to the recovery screen, press the power button where reboot system now is highlighted. 

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