Get a Steam Deck for less than a Switch thanks to this amazing sale

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The Steam Deck OLED is arguably the best portable console out there but the non-OLED original Steam Deck is still a great handheld. If you’re interested in getting a Steam Deck, two versions of the original model are on sale for a limited time.

Right now, you can buy the 64GB and 512GB Steam Deck LCD models for 15% off. To be specific, the 64GB Steam Deck is selling for $296 while the 512GB Steam Deck is selling for $381. Considering how these handhelds used to cost $349 and $449 (respectively), you’re getting an excellent deal. This sale lasts until July 11.

The Steam Decks on sale were already discounted from their original $399 and $649 prices (respectively). As such, you're receiving an even bigger discount. This sale makes sense given how Valve is phasing out the old 64GB and 512GB models. Since these units will be available until stock runs out, it might be wise to get one now before they’re all gone.

Valve Steam Deck (512GB): was $449 now $381 @ Steam Store

Valve Steam Deck (512GB): was $449 now $381 @ Steam Store
Valve has discounted the 64GB and 512GB Steam Decks by 15% until July 11. This is the most expensive LCD model and it has the largest discount, knocking the usual $449 asking price of the 512GB SSD Steam Deck down to roughly $381.

Valve Steam Deck (512GB): was $349 now $296 @ Steam Store

Valve Steam Deck (512GB): was $349 now $296 @ Steam Store
On a tighter budget? The 64GB Steam Deck is now available for $296. This is the cheapest model, which bears the smallest discount and has the least amount of onboard storage.

As I said in my Steam Deck review, this is one of the finest handhelds ever made — and was the best for PC gaming on the go until the Steam Deck OLED came out. The handheld feels great to play thanks to its balanced weight and comfortable controller layout. Games look fantastic on its 7-inch display and sound equally as good thanks to the surprisingly punchy speakers.

The Steam Deck has impressive specs for a handheld. It runs on a custom AMD Zen 2 “Van Gogh” APU and packs 16GB RAM. This obviously can’t compete with the best gaming laptops or best gaming PCs, but it’s enough to play many games at decent frame rates, especially if they’re optimized for SteamOS.

While the Steam Deck is fantastic, it’s not flawless. Though it’s compatible with hundreds of games, there are many titles that either aren’t optimized or cannot run on the handheld. That said, there are far more Steam Deck-verified games now than at launch, and this trend is likely to continue as time goes on.

The Steam Deck is an incredible machine that directly influenced competitors like the Asus ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go and MSI Claw. Again, if you’ve yet to experience the glory of Steam Deck, now’s your chance to do so via this awesome sale. Act now before stock runs out!

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