How to access the secret Roku menus

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is one of many devices that allows Screen mirroring on Roku
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Whether you're new to Roku devices or you've been streaming with one for years, you've undoubtedly found plenty to like and get the most out of your use. But did you know Roku has hidden a host of secret menus that aim at helping you get even more out of your experience?

The secret menus available on your Roku device allow you to check your wireless settings, make ad and screenshot preferences, and if you're a developer, test your app from the comfort of your couch. Best of all, they give you the full control over your Roku device that isn't so easy to find (if it's available at all) on competing set-top boxes.

Before we help you find those secret menus, be aware that if you're a novice user, some of them may be less useful than they may be for more advanced users. You should also know that the only way to access the menus is by being quick with your thumbs by tapping buttons in rapid succession. 

But if that doesn't bother you (and you're someone who still remembers the old Contra cheat code), you might find the Roku secret menus useful — and kinda fun to access.

So if you're in the mood to look under the hood of your Roku device, read on to check out how to access its secret menus.

How to access the secret Roku menus

All of the following steps will utilise your Roku remote, and require you to press certain buttons quickly in sequence. There will be various combinations using the home, d-pad and playback buttons.

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1. Secret Wireless Menu

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If you want to learn more about your Roku's wireless connection, including how well it's performing and a check to see how fast your network is, check out the Secret Wireless Menu.

To access it, Tap the Home button on your remote five times, quickly followed by Up > Down > Up > Down > Up.

Secret Ads and Screenshots Menu

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The Secret Ads & Screenshots Menu (also known as Secret Screen 2) is designed to give you more control over scrollable ads and screenshot out put formats, so you can decide for yourself how images are displayed on screen. You can also use this tool to decide whether gaming controllers should auto-pair.

To access this menu, tap the Home button on your remote five times, followed Up > Right > Down > Left > Up.

Secret Channel Info Menu

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The Secret Channel Info Menu is here to let you know which app versions you have running on your Roku. It's especially useful if you want to know which apps are updated (or have been recently updated) and which have not.

To get here, tap the Home button on your remote three times, then up two times, followed by Left > Right > Left > Right > Left.

Secret Developers Menu

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If you're an app developer and want to be able to test your apps on your Roku device before you launch them publicly, the Secret Developers Menu is the place to be.

To access this menu, tap the Home button on your remote three times and the Up button twice. Next, tap Right > Left > Right > Left > Right.

Secret Platform Menu

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If you want to learn a lot more about your Roku device, head on over to the Secret Platform Menu, where you'll find information on your wireless connection, remote battery, system data, and other specs that could prove useful from time to time.

To access this menu, tap the Home button on your remote five times, then Fast Forward > Play/Pause > Rewind > Play/Pause > Fast Forward.

Secret HDMI Menu

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The Secret HDMI Menu is there to provide you some quick reference information to your Roku's HDMI connection and the kinds of resolution and refresh rates available. It also tells you what kind of television you have and its model number.

To get here, press the Home button on your remote five times, then Down > Left > Up > Up > Up.

Secret Network Menu

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Not to be confused with the aforementioned Secret Wireless Menu, the Secret Network Menu is your place to be if you want to check your Internet connection, see your IP address, set up a new connection, and even find ways to save your bandwidth.

To reach this menu, click the Home button on your remote five times, followed by Right > Left > Right > Left > Right.

Secret Reboot Code

Finally, while it isn't a secret menu, there is one more cool thing you can do with the secret remote codes. Want a quick and easy way to restart your Roku device without ever needing to tap your way through settings to do it? Look no further than the Secret Reboot Code. Simply follow the prompts below and after successfully doing so, your Roku will restart.

To reboot your Roku, click the Home button on your remote five times, followed by Up > Rewind > Rewind > Fast Forward > Fast Forward.

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