Here's a complete guide to Hallmark Channel's May 'Countdown to Summer' movies

Ben Hollingsworth and Cindy Busby in A Whitewater Romance
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The Hallmark Channel is back this year with its "Countdown to Summer" programming. Every Saturday night in May, Hallmark will air four new movies at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Two of them, "A Whitewater Romance" and "Everything Puppies," are originals making their debuts, while the others will be premiering on the network for the first time. 

Get ready to watch four couples bask in the glow of love out in the sunny outdoors, with no Christmas decorations in sight. Hallmark favorites Cindy Busby, Ben Hollingsworth and Stephen Huszar are some of the stars who will be featured. 

Just like temperatures are rising going into the summer months, viewers' hearts are also sure to warm up. Check out the guide below to get more details on 2024's movies.

'A Lifelong Love' (May 4)

Annika (Andrea Brooks) decides to reunite her grandfather with his lost love. Of course, the only way to do this means teaming up with her former flame, Ryan (Patch May), to create a book about the experience and documenting different love stories along the way.

'A Whitewater Romance' (May 11)

While on an exclusive business retreat in the Rocky Mountains, Maya (Cindy Busby) immediately becomes rivals with Matt (Ben Hollingsworth), who's also attending. As they're forced to pair up, an unlikely connection begins to evolve, which sees their relationship go from competitors to lovers.

'Everything Puppies' (May 18)

A dedicated entrepreneur and inventor, Scarlett (Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes), looks to make it big creating innovative dog toys and treats. She finds success, and perhaps love, with the support of handsome client Alex (Stephen Huszar).

'Big Sky River: The Bridal Path' (May 25)

The only sequel on the list, this follow-up to 2022's "Big Sky River" sees Tara (Emmanuelle Vaugier), now settled in Montana, and dating Cowboy Boone (Kavan Smith). As they work to bring their family lives together, tensions arise, and they realize blending families will be more of a challenge than anticipated. 

How to watch 'Countdown to Summer' Hallmark movies

The four "Countdown to Summer" Hallmark movies will be available to watch on both the Hallmark Channel and on Peacock. 

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Peacock has a great library, including the "Real Housewives," "Law and Order" and "Chicago" franchises. Plus, Peacock has great originals like "Traitors" and "Poker Face."

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