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When looking for something to watch on Amazon Prime Video, the service’s top 10 movies list is a great place to start. This ever-rotating list displays which movies are drawing the most interest from the streaming service’s subscribers. However, just because a movie makes it into the top 10 ranking doesn’t guarantee its quality. 

It’s not uncommon for a lackluster flick to appear in the Prime Video top 10, and I’ve even seen thoroughly rotten movies claim the No. 1 spot. That’s why I’m picking out the three movies in the Prime Video most-watched list that are worth your time. 

This list includes an immersive documentary, a biting satirical drama and a seasonal comedy that is so delightful it will boost even the bluest mood, all three are must-watches. This article is based on the Prime Video top 10 list as of Wednesday, May 29 at 8 a.m. ET. And with all housekeeping sorted, let’s dive into my Prime Video picks… 

Best movies in the Prime Video top 10

‘The Blue Angels’ (2024)

This new Prime Video documentary focuses on the eponymous Blue Angels, the world’s second-oldest aerobatic team. Established in 1946, The Blue Angels are a group of highly gifted pilots and over the years the Flight Demonstration Squadron has performed for more than 505 million spectators. This immersive doc showcases the squad’s remark feats of aerial artistry and the commitment required to make the cut. 

“The Blue Angels” explores the flying squad from all angles looking at the gruelling selection process, the intense training sessions and the demanding show season. You’ll be seriously impressed by the gravity-defying moves these elite pilots can pull off, but what really shines through in this documentary is the extraordinary teamwork, passion and pride that fuels the Blue Angels to become the very best at their craft. In fact, this Prime Video doc does such a fantastic job bringing you into the cockpit, that you might even feel an intense headrush just from watching. 

Watch "The Blue Angels" on Prime Video now

‘American Fiction’ (2023)

“American Fiction” was a major player during this year’s awards ceremony, and even took home an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Based on the 2001 novel “Erasure by American novelist Percival Everett, it sees Jeffrey Wright play Thelonious “Monk” Ellison, a writer frustrated by the commercial success of so-called “Black books” filled with stereotypes. Out of anger, he writes a novel mocking the literary tropes found in these novels, and much to his surprise — and annoyance — it becomes an instant bestseller. 

Monk is swarmed with new opportunities and flooded with praise from his peers but remains unhappy. While attempting to grapple with the monster of his own creation, he also has to deal with various family issues including his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease, and his troubled brother, Cliff (Sterling K. Brown). “American Fiction” is funny, insightful and, on occasion, emotionally devastating. It’s a biting satirical comedy-drama with some of the best performances you’ll see in any movie this year. 

Watch "American Fiction" on Prime Video now

‘The Holdovers’ (2023)

“The Holdovers” is a little out of season at this point. Set during the winter break at a posh New England boarding school, watching this heartwarming comedy in the summer might feel a little odd, but this Alexander Payne-directed flick is so good that I simply cannot advise that you wait until the weather gets colder to watch. “The Holdovers” is utterly brilliant, that you need to stream it as soon as possible, time of the year be darned. 

In “The Holdovers”, Paul Giamatti gives a career-best performance as Paul Hunham, a crotchety professor forced to stay on campus over Christmas to chaperone the students with nowhere else to go for the holidays. However, the flexible educator develops an unexpected bond with a young burnout (Dominic Sessa) and the school’s cook (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) who is grieving the death of her son. This odd trio are unlikely companions, but over the festive period, they become a tight-knit group as they share their vulnerability. "The Holdovers" is a warm hug in movie form. 

Watch "The Holdovers" on Prime Video now

Prime Video top 10 movies right now

  1. "The Boys in the Boat" (2024)
  2. "The Blue Angels" (2024)
  3. "The Idea of You" (2024)
  4. "Road House" (2024)
  5. "American Fiction" (2023)
  6. "Night School" (2018)
  7. "Dangerous" (2021)
  8. "Minions: The Rise of Gru" (2022)
  9. "The Holdovers" (2023)
  10. "PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie" (2023)

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