This massive 75-inch Fire TV just crashed to $549 ahead of Black Friday

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Who says bigger TVs always need to be more expensive than smaller ones? Best Buy is rolling out huge sales this week as part of its early Black Friday deals, and this one really got our attention.

Right now the 75-inch Insignia Fire TV is just $549 at Best Buy. That's $300 off and of the best big-screen TV deals we've seen so far. While you don't get OLED picture quality, the price for a screen this size is hard to beat, especially when it's packing an on-board smart system like Fire TV. 

Insignia 75" F30 4K Fire TV: $849 $549 @ Best Buy

Insignia 75" F30 4K Fire TV: $849 $549 @ Best Buy
Looking to go all-in on a big-screen TV without breaking the budget? The Insignia F30 is available in a 75-inch model that's on sale for just $549. With 4K HDR support this model has all the essentials and with over 200 positive reviews, customers really seem to love it.

Other perks on this model include Alexia voice control via the remote and Apple AirPlay. There’s no Chromecast Built-in, but that could be tacked on with a new Chromecast and thanks to an eARC port, it's easy to connect a soundbar.

In our Insignia F30 review, which is an earlier model in this line, we called it “one of the best models with Amazon’s Fire TV built in” and “notably better than its competitor and cousin, the Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition."

The out-of-the-box picture may not be up to snuff, but spend a few minutes tweaking the settings and you should be able to get a decent picture.

Full steam ahead on Fire TV sales

So how's this price comparing to other Black Friday TV deals? Well, quite favorably honestly. Yes, we've seen some cheaper 55-inch models like the Hisense R6 that's $298 @ Walmart and the 65-inch Onn. 4K TV that's $368 @ Walmart, but this is a rock-solid deal if you want something larger than 65 inches.

As for how well this deal will fare when stacked against the Black Friday TV deals we'll see in a few weeks, it's anyone's guess, but it's hard to imagine this going down any further. 

As always, we'll be tracking TV deals up until Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so stick with us if you want to snag a cheap big-screen TV before the end of the year.

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