This highly-rated Bose portable Bluetooth speaker crashed to $79 ahead of Black Friday

The Bose SoundLink Color II with a Tom's Guide logo
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If you’re shopping for a new Bluetooth speaker in your quest for Black Friday deals, don’t miss this exceptional discount on the Bose SoundLink Color II. 

The deal, available right now, has the Bose SoundLink Color II for just $79 at Amazon. That’s 39% off the regular price of $129 and ties it for the lowest price the speaker has ever been according to the shopper-savvy website CamelCamelCamel

It’s available in four different colors – including a unique Lime Green and Aqua Blue – however only the Soft Black colorway is discounted with the deal.

Bose SoundLink Color II: $129 $79 @ Amazon

Bose SoundLink Color II: $129 $79 @ Amazon
Bose is a big name in the portable Bluetooth speaker space, and for good reason. The SoundLink Color II has a great pedigree that's reflected in the 60,000 4.5-Star ratings on Amazon. It's an extremely popular model because it's easy to carry, lasts up to 8 hours and can turn up to 11. For just $79, this is a great early deal.

So what can you expect from a Bose Bluetooth speaker? Well, Bose is a household name for audio lovers for a good reason – its speakers are top notch. This one in particular is incredibly loud for its size (we measured more than 90 decibels, with very little distortion in our Bose SoundLink Color review) and has around an 8-hour battery life. That should be plenty to get you through a day at the beach, a late-night bonfire or an outdoor picnic. 

Speaking of taking this outdoors, the SoundLink Color II is IPX4 water-resistant, so you can feel good about bringing it around the water without worrying about some accidentally splashing on the speaker and ruining it.

Our only major issue with this speaker is that, because it’s so light and thin, it doesn’t have the best left-right stereo separation. You’d have to stick two Bluetooth speakers together in a paired mode to get that – which you can absolutely do – but unfortunately you won’t get the same sound quality as, say, a 5.1 surround system from one $79 Bluetooth speaker. 

Overall, though, this is a fantastic deal on a rock-solid Bluetooth speaker. Be sure to check out our main Black Friday deals live blog for more great savings. 

Nick Pino
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