PlayStation Plus slashed 25% for Black Friday — including Extra and Premium

PlayStation Plus
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Black Friday deals traditionally include a discount on a PlayStation Plus subscription, and this year is no different. Earlier this week Sony confirmed it would be reducing the price of a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription by 25%, and this deal is now live. 

For a limited time, all three membership tiers of PlayStation Plus have been discounted 25%. Right now, a 12-month sub to PlayStation Plus Essential is on sale for $44 via the PlayStation Store. That’s a $15 saving for the cheapest tier of Sony’s online subscription service. With PlayStation Plus Essential you get online play, cloud storage, a rotating selection of monthly games and exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store. 

Meanwhile, a 12-month PlayStation Plus Extra membership is on sale for $74, that’s $25 off, or you can splurge on a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus Premium which is on sale for $89, that’s a saving of $30. Extra gives you all the same perks as Essential alongside access to a catalog of hundreds of games. Premium is the top tier of PlayStation Plus and gives you all of the above plus the ability to download and stream classic games and enjoy exclusive game trials for select titles.     

PlayStation Plus subscription: 25% off @ PlayStation Store

PlayStation Plus subscription: 25% off @ PlayStation Store
As part of its Black Friday sale, PlayStation has reduced the price of a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription by  25%. This offer is valid on an Essential, Extra or Premium membership. It can also be stacked on top of any pre existing subscription time you've already got on your account. 

The savings aren’t limited to new subscribers either, there are also deals for existing PlayStation Plus members. Sony has reduced any PlayStation Plus upgrade fee by 25% as part of this promotion. So for example, if you’re currently on the Essential tier and want to upgrade to Extra for the remainder of your subscription, you’ll pay a reduced fee. This is the ideal opportunity to sample a different membership tier at a lower price. 

It should also be noted that you can stack PlayStation Plus memberships. So, even if you’ve got some time left on your current subscription it may be worth picking up an extra 12 months while it’s discounted. The additional year will be stacked on top of your current subscription rather than replacing it. 

This is just one of the best PS5 Black Fridays deals you can score right now. If you’re fortunate enough to own a PS5 now is a great time to fully kit out your console as there are big discounts to be had on some of the best PS5 games and accessories. 

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