How Much Is Your iPhone XR Worth Now?

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Update Sept. 20: The iPhone 11 series has hit stores. As a result, the trade-in values below for your iPhone XR may have changed.

The iPhone XR is one of the top-selling phones in the US. But with the all-new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max available for purchase, users might be tempted to ditch their year-old XRs for one of the latest models. 

Apple’s smartphones are pricey. Luckily there are trade-in services waiting to buy your iPhone XR from you. And the cash or credit you get back could go a long way toward absorbing some of the cost of an upgrade.

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Though the iPhone XS and XS Max fetch the highest offers from trade-in sites and retailers, the iPhone XR is still a desired Apple device and will get you a good return. We did some research to give you an idea of what retailers are offering the most money for the iPhone XR. Here's what yours is worth now.

iPhone XR Trade-in Value (64GB/128GB/256GB)

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Row 0 - Cell 0 AT&TSprintT-MobileVerizonUnlocked
AmazonNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Best Buy$330/$330/$330$330/$330/$330Not Available$330/$330/$330Not Available
GamestopNot Available$260/$280/$300$260/$280/$300Not Available$300/$310/$375

You'll notice limited offers on the iPhone XR at the moment. For example, Amazon isn't advertising any trade-ins options for the device. That may change in coming weeks as shoppers seek out the iPhone 11. 

If you'd like to cash out on your device right now though, you'll get the highest offer from Best Buy. The electronics retailer will give you $330 in store credit for any iPhone XR model tied to AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon

You'll fetch less than you would from Best Buy if you turn to Walmart, but you can still get between $275 and $295 in store credit for the device.

Gamestop also has select iPhone XR trade-in options. You'll get anywhere between $260 and $375 for your phone, as long as it's connected to Sprint, T-Mobile, or is unlocked. The prices listed above are the regular trade-in values, but Gamestop also quotes higher prices for PowerUp Members. A PowerUp membership costs $14.99 a year.

And if you'd rather not to sell your phone to a traditional retailer, consider going with Gazelle. Its values on the iPhone XR are quite high and similar to those offered by Best Buy. Plus, it has a bid for every model. You can pocket up to $417 for your XR.

Before you cash out, make sure your iPhone XR is in good condition, meaning no cracked screens nor major scratches. Most trade-in sites and retailers require you to remove all of your data and disable Find My iPhone. The device also needs to turn on, of course. Check the terms at your retailer of choice prior to selling.

Also, keep in mind that carriers such as AT&T and Verizon will buy back your iPhone; Apple also has a trade-in program that's likely to expand to the iPhone XR once new models are unveiled. Remember to shop your phone around for the best rate possible.

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