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iPhone Black Friday deals — best sales still in stock

iphone black friday deals
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The iPhone Black Friday deals continue even now Black Friday is finished. Heading into the holiday weekend, you can still score some great discounts on iPhone models both cheap and pricey. We're also expecting new deals to drop on Monday, so keep an eye on our Cyber Monday iPhones deals page for the latest sales.

The best Black Friday deals on iPhones feature some very aggressive pricing, though in most cases, you'll need to either trade-in your current phone or sign up for an unlimited plan. Some of our top iPhone Black Friday deals require you to do both. Apple has launched its own Black Friday sale, though it's handing out gift cards, not discounts, when you buy iPhones.

We're keeping a constant eye on the best iPhone Black Friday deals around. Here's where you can save right now.

Top 5 Black Friday iPhone deals still in stock

Black Friday iPhone deals — best sales still happening

iPhone 13

iPhone 13: up to $1,600 off w/ trade-in + unlimited @ Verizon
Verizon continues to offer big savings for iPhone 13 shoppers, with new Verizon customers able to get up to $800 off the phone when trading in their current device and signing up for an unlimited plan. In addition, new members will be able to get an extra $800 prepaid Mastercard to help cover the cost of switching. Existing members can get up to $440 off with trade-in. If you'd prefer another way to save, you can save up to $800 on a second iPhone 13 after buying the first model.

iPhone 13: free w/ trade-in + unlimited @ AT&T
AT&T is offering new and existing customers the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, or the iPhone 13 Pro for free after an eligible trade-in. You'll need to purchase your phone via a monthly installment plan and you'll also need to sign up for an unlimited data plan. 

iPhone 13: 6 months free data @ Mint
Mint Mobile has one of the best cheap deals we've seen on the iPhone 13. New customers who port their number to Mint and buy a new iPhone 13 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro with a 6-month data plan will get 6 months of data for free. All Mint Mobile plans include unlimited talk, text, and 5G for free. Mint Mobile operates on T-Mobile's 5G network. 

iPhone 13: up to $700 off w/ trade-in @ Apple
If you'd rather buy straight from Apple, you can get between $100 to $700 off the price of a new unlocked iPhone 13 by trading in an iPhone 8 or newer. (The more recent the phone, the bigger your trade-in value.) Apple offers the same trade-in values when you shop for any iPhone 13 model, from the iPhone 13 mini to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13: $100 gift card and free wireless earbuds @ Visible
Verizon-owned Visible is offering iPhone Black Friday deals on every model. Buy an iPhone and you can get a gift card — the iPhone 13 Pro Max nets a $200 gift card while other models will get you a $100 gift card. In addition, the iPhone 13, Pro and Pro Max models bought through Visible are eligible for a free Apple AirPods Pro after three months of wireless service, while the iPhone 13 mini and older iPhones can grab a pair of Beats Studio Buds.

iPhone 13 series: up to $1,000 off and $130 off AirPods with trade-in + unlimited @ T-Mobile
If you have a valuable-enough phone to trade in and are willing to pay for T-Mobile's most expensive data plan, the carrier will offer you a substantial discount on the iPhone 13, mini, Pro or Pro Max (or other iPhones it offers), plus a second discount on a pair of AirPods. The Magenta Max plan you must sign up for costs $85/month, which is $15 more than T-Mobile's regular unlimited plan.

iPhone 13 series: up to $799 off w/ trade-in @ T-Mobile
Don't want to spend all that money on the Magenta Max unlimited plan? You can still get some money off of any iPhone 13 (or other iPhone) and more off of a pair of AirPods just by trading in. 

iPhone 13 (Verizon): up to $800 off w/ trade-in + unlimited @ Best Buy
If you'd rather get your iPhone 13 from Best Buy, you can save up to $800 on a new model for Verizon. You need to trade-in your old phone and sign up for an unlimited plan. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max can qualify for rebates of up to $1,000, while the iPhone 13 mini is eligible for a $700 rebate.

iPhone 13: up to $700 off w/trade-in @ Apple
If you'd rather have an unlocked iPhone 13, you can still save a significant amount by buying directly from Apple. trading in your old device means you can get up to $700 off the cost of a new iPhone 13, meaning you can get one for as little as $129.

iPhone 13: $200 off when you switch @ Xfinity
If you're thinking about making a switch Xfinity would like to remind you that it's an option. And to entice you into signing up (and porting your existing number) it's offering up to $200 off the iPhone 13. Deals start at $26.25 a month, and trade-in discounts are available

iPhone 12

iPhone 12: 6 months free data @ Mint
Mint Mobile has one of the best cheap iPhone deals of the week. New customers who port their number to Mint and buy a new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini with a 6-month data plan will get 6 months of data for free. All Mint Mobile plans include unlimited talk, text, and 5G for free. Mint Mobile operates on T-Mobile's 5G network. 

iPhone 12: Buy one get one free w/ unlimited @ Verizon
New customers who buy an iPhone 12 at Verizon can get monthly bill credits of $699 toward the purchase of a second iPhone 12. This BOGO offer requires you to sign up for an unlimited data plan. You can also get an $800 gift card when you switch.

iPhone 12 mini: up to 50% off with Unlimited @ AT&T
AT&T is offering a hefty discounts on the iPhone 12 mini. Currently, new and existing AT&T subscribers can take up to half of the cost of a normal iPhone 12 mini plan by signing up for an AT&T Unlimited Plan, without a trade-in. We especially like this deal because it applies to both new and current members. 

iPhone 12: up to $730 off w/ trade-in + unlimited @ T-Mobile
T-Mobile is offering a nice deal on last year's iPhone 12 with up to $730 off a new device with qualifying trade-in and an unlimited plan. This discount comes over 30 monthly bill credits.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: up to $1,000 off + $130 off AirPods w/ trade-in + unlimited @ T-Mobile
T-Mobile also has a good sale on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Trade in a qualifying phone and you can get up to $1,000 off plus $130 off a pair of AirPods. Talk about a deal.

iPhone 12: Get a $50 gift card w/ purchase @ Apple
Apple doesn't cut prices for Black Friday, but it does include gift cards when you buy its products during a four-day sales event. In the case of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini, you'll get a $50 Apple gift card for buying either phone. The promotion runs through Monday (Nov. 29).

iPhone SE

iPhone SE: 12 months of free service when you sign up for a year @ Mint
Instead of getting a discount on your phone, while not save on the recurring cost of monthly cell phone service? Mint Mobile is selling the iPhone SE for the regular price $399, but throwing in 12 months of service when you sign up for the first year of service. Plans start at 4GB for $180 covering your 12-month commitment.

iPhone SE: was $399 now $199 @ T-Mobile
T-Mobile is taking $200 off the cost of an iPhone SE when you buy the phone on a monthly installment plan and activate a new qualifying line of data. The $200 in credits are spread out in monthly installments over two years.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11: up to $730 off w/ trade-in + unlimited @ T-Mobile
If you're OK with foregoing 5G, you can get up to $730 off an iPhone 11 at T-Mobile. That would make the phone free over the course of 24 monthly bill credits. You need to sign up for an unlimited plan and trade-in your old phone. If you'd rather just add a new line, you can get $250 (50%) off an iPhone 11.

iPhone 11: Save with trade-in @ Apple
The iPhone 11 is proving difficult to find these days with many wireless carriers listing the older phone as out of stock. If you really want an iPhone 11, why not go directly to the source? Apple is selling the device for $499, but if you trade in your old phone, you can get a rebate. The iPhone XS fetches up to $280 off, while older iPhones garner smaller discounts.

iPhone 11: was $599 now $399 @ Walmart
You can save $200 off what Apple charges for an iPhone 11 by heading to Walmart and buying the 64GB model that's tied to Total Wireless' prepaid phone service. Currently, you can only get the black version as the rest are out of stock.

iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB): was $1,299 now $1,019 @ Apple
While it's not as large of a discount as you might hope for a two-year-old smartphone, this refurbished deal from Apple is still a good one. While the 64GB and 128GB storage capacity models are out of stock, the discount on the largest 512GB version is still available in all four color options.

iPhone 11 Pro (Premium renewed): was $849 now $639 @ Amazon
Despite being two years old, the iPhone 11 Pro is still an excellent iPhone with many years of support left. The triple camera system manages to impress even in today's landscape. It might lack 5G, but it gets really good battery life.

iPhone XR

iPhone XR: was $299 now $249 @ Walmart
You can save $50 off the regular price of Apple's older iPhone XR at Walmart. You will need to get your wireless service from Straight Talk to take advantage of the deal. While it's been three years since the XR's debut, it's still a decent phone capable of running iOS 15.

iPhone XR: was $399 now $49 @ Cricket
You can save $350 on the cost of an iPhone XR, though it will require a commitment to Cricket's wireless service. When you buy the phone, you'll pay for three months of Cricket's $60/month unlimited data plan. The offer is available to customers bringing over a number from another carrier.

iPhone XR (pre-owned): was $499 now $289 @ Visible
If you don't mind buying a used phone, you can get an iPhone XR at Visible for $200 off its last price. In addition, Visible includes a $50 gift card when you buy this older iPhone, which is available in coral.

Black Friday iPhone deals — the best accessories

To go along with your new iPhone, we recommend some other essentials, especially a case. Luckily, we have several options for you.

Of course, there's more to getting the most out of your phone. A case can help keep it safe and make it look nice, but there are some other of the best iPhone 13 accessories we think you should check out to enhance your experience.

Black Friday iPhone deals — what to expect

iphone 13 pro back leaning against books

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iPhone 13: Practically every major carrier is currently offering free iPhone 13 deals. The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, and the iPhone 13 Pro can be had for free when you trade-in an older device and open a new unlimited line. (If you need information on the best unlimited data plans, we've got a breakdown of which plans include free subscriptions to streaming services.) Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is being sold for $99 if you meet the same requirements. Expect to see BOGO deals and higher trade-in credits appear in the next few weeks.

iPhone 12: Apple's previous-gen smartphone is a better bargain than ever. We'd expect more iPhone Black Friday deals on the step-up model (128GB), whereas the base model (64GB) will continue being offered for free when you switch carriers. 

iPhone 11: At its new $499 price, the iPhone 11 is now $100 cheaper than it was prior to the iPhone 13's launch. You won't see many discounts on this phone from major carriers, but other prepaid carriers will likely slash an extra $50 off the iPhone 11. 

iPhone SE: Apple's $399 budget phone will sell for $0 on contract this holiday season. In fact, multiple retailers like Verizon are already offering the iPhone SE for free. These models will be the cheapest iPhone Black Friday deals of the year. 

Should I wait until Black Friday to buy an iPhone?

While it's true that wireless carriers and retailers will offer discounts on phones for Black Friday — usually the deals are announced anywhere from a week to a few days before Thanksgiving — you'll find plenty of iPhone Black Friday deals right now. If you see an iPhone you want at a good price, you should jump on that deal right away. That's especially true this year, when demand for the iPhone 13 could outstrip supply.

Will Apple feature Black Friday discounts on iPhones?

Apple typically doesn't lower prices on iPhones for Black Friday. Instead, the company usually offers gift cards when you buy select products such as iPhones between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That the case once again this year, as Apple has announced its four-day sales event, featuring gift cards ranging from $50 to $200. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will qualify for a $50 gift card at Apple starting Nov. 26.

Tips for finding the best iPhone Black Friday deals

  • Start with mobile carriers: Mobile carriers tend to offer the best iPhone deals. There is one catch — in order to get their best deals, you'll have to switch to their service. In some instances, you may also have to sign up for an unlimited plan. 
  • Trade-in your old phone for credit: If you have an older phone to trade in, many carriers will give you a generous credit that could range from $100 to as high as $1,000 off. As a result, it pays to keep your smartphone's cables, box, and accessories in good condition so you can get the most from your trade-in. 
  • Check out MVNOs: Short for mobile virtual network operator, MVNOs operate on the infrastructure of existing networks. For instance, Verizon-owned Visible works on Verizon's network, whereas Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile's. MVNOs offer less costly plans than their bigger counterparts. In some instances, there are some trade-off such as less readily available customer support or slightly slower data speeds. 
  • Don't be afraid of refurbs: Apple offers some of the best refurbs in the industry. They refurbish their iPhone to look like new and we especially like the company's refurbs because they're all backed by the same 1-year warranty you'd get with a new Apple device. 

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