Best Galaxy Note 10 cases

best galaxy note 10 cases
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The best Galaxy Note 10 cases are a must-have item for any Note owner, whether you tote around the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10 or the 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Since Samsung's phablets start at $949, that's a lot to pay for a smartphone only to leave it unprotected.

And protection is what a lot of the best Galaxy Note 10 cases have to offer. Slip your phone into a case, and you can expect some degree of protection when you inevitably drop your Galaxy Note. In some cases, you can even expect your phone to survive drops from heights of several feet.

But a case do more than just protect your phone. Several Galaxy Note 10 cases can highlight the striking looks of Samsung's latest phablets. And a few add some practical features like a stand for propping up your Note 10 or slots to carry around cash and credit cards.

You've got a lot of choices when it comes to accessories for your Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. To find your top options, we've compiled a a list of the best Note 10 cases. From slim to ultra-protective, these cases will keep your smartphone safe.

What is the best Galaxy Note 10 case?

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No one can say with absolute certainty which specific Galaxy Note 10 case is better than all the rest. After all, it's a matter of aesthetics — what one person finds to be a striking case not appeal to someone else.

Instead, focus on the Note 10 case that best provides the benefits you're looking for. That will mean protection for some people, but others will place a premium on a Galaxy Note 10 case that looks as good as the phone it's protecting.

If protection is highest on your list of priorities, you'll want to consider Galaxy Note 10 cases from Otterbox, like the case maker's Defender Series, or the Olixar X-Ranger. We're also impressed by how the Speck Presidio Pro can protect the Galaxy Note 10.

For options that place a premium on looks, consider the Cutebe Galaxy Note 10 Case or the colorful Case Mate Tough Grove. The Krusell Kivik Cover provides a clear view of the phone it's protecting so it's the best Galaxy Note 10 case if you want to show off your phablet's good looks.

Other Note 10 cases promise specialty features. The Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet and VRS Design Damda Glide Shield both give you places to stash your cash, while Samsung's own LED Back Cover alerts you incoming notifications from your phone.

Whatever kind of case you wind up getting, make sure you're getting one that's specifically designed for the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10 Plus. To offer any sort of protection, the best Galaxy Note 10 cases must fit their phone exactly, so that when you drop the device, it's the case and not the phone itself that's absorbing any impact.

The best Galaxy Note 10 cases

UAG Monarch Series

best galaxy note 10 cases: UAG Monarch Series

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UAG's Monarch Series is one of the company's more popular case options. It comes with five layers of protection to reduce chances of dings and scratches and has both leather and metal hardware components. 

According to UAG, the case provides twice the level of protection as the requirements for military drop-test standards, and it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Best of all, it works with both Samsung Pay and Samsung's Fast Wireless Charging so you can still use those features even with your Note 10 tucked safely inside the case.

You've got a choice between black and an eye-catching crimson for one of the best Galaxy Note 10 cases you can buy right now.

Temdan Galaxy Note 10 Case

best galaxy note 10 cases: Temdan Galaxy Note 10 Case

(Image credit: Temdan)

The Temdan Galaxy Note 10 Case is ideal for anyone who’s worried about keeping their smartphone safe.

Temdan’s $22 case offers a built-in screen protector ontop of a full-body casing so it’ll protect every inch of your Note 10. There’s also a fingerprint film, so you can still use the phone’s in-screen fingerprint sensor even with the screen protector in place.

A clear backside means the design of the Galaxy Note 10 isn't covered up. You should also be able to wirelessly charge your Note 10 with Temdan's case still on.

Krusell Kivik Cover

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Krusell Kivik Cover

(Image credit: Krusell)

If you're looking for a case that doesn't detract from the Galaxy Note 10's unique design, consider picking up the Krusell Kivik Cover. The case has a clear finish, so you can see the phone's design. A combination of TPU and scratch-resistant finishes to reduce the chances of damage, and the buttons of your phone are covered to keep everything safe and sound.

The Kivik isn't a bulky case, so it works fine with wireless charging and doesn't add to the Note 10's considerable size or weight — an important consideration if you think that phablets are already big enough. Krusell's case even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tech21 Evo Wallet

Best galaxy note 10 cases: Tech21 Evo Wallet

(Image credit: Tech21)

The Tech21 Evo Wallet is one of the more popular folio wallet cases on the market, and the version available for Samsung's phablet is one of the best Galaxy Note 10 cases you can find.

The Evo Wallet features a black design and a clip on the side that you can use to cover your phone’s screen. The $50 case envelops the entire device, but leaves a hole opening for the rear cameras and flash. 

Open the Evo Wallet, you’ll find a pocket, where you can store up to two cards, for a nice practical feature to go with all that protection. And your Note 10 should stay safe inside the Evo Wallet, as Tech21 promises that your phone will be protected from drops of up to 12 feet.

Speck Presidio Pro

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Speck Presidio Pro

(Image credit: Speck)

Speck's Presidio Pro is a thin case that still manages to provide plenty of protection. It has a soft finish and matte design to reduce scratch concerns. And with a raised bezel around the screen, it should keep the Galaxy Note 10's display safe if you drop it flat. 

Additionally, Speck's case comes with a 10-foot-drop protection guarantee and has a Microban feature for killing bacteria that might otherwise build up on the case. You've got a choice between Eclipse Blue and Carbon Black when it comes to colors, and you'll still be able to take advantage of the Note 10's wireless charging features even when the phone's inside of the case.

Samsung Rugged Protective Cover

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Samsung Rugged Protective Cover

(Image credit: Samsung)

Looking for an official case from Samsung? Consider the company's Rugged Protective Cover. A reinforced design for the case helps it protect your phone from drops and dings, making it one of the best Galaxy Note 10 cases if you value durability. 

Be aware that the Rugged Protective Cover is a little on the bulkier side, so it might add some heft to the Note 10 when it's in your pocket. You'll likely have better luck with wireless charging features by removing the Protective Cover, something you don't have to worry about with other cases on this list.

Still, there's a kickstand on the back of the Rugged Protective Cover that's designed to help you watch programming without holding your phone. That makes this case a compelling option.

Ringke Fusion X

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Ringke Fusion X

(Image credit: Ringke)

The Ringke Fusion X is a surprisingly affordable case at $12.99. For that price, you'll get a case that comes with a rugged and futuristic-looking exterior that minimizes damage if you drop the phone. The Fusion X's design also means you'll still be able to access Galaxy Note 10 features like wireless charging and Wireless Powershare where you can use Samsung's phones to charge other Qi-compatible devices.

The Fusion X also comes with an anti-scratch coating and a Quickcatch lanyard hole, so you can attach your phone to your wrist. And the sides of the case should make your phone easier to grip, no matter how big it feels in your hand.

Olixar X-Ranger

Best Galaxy Note 10 cases: Olixar X-Ranger

(Image credit: Olixar)

If you're someone who plans to take your Galaxy Note 10 into rugged terrain, you might want to consider the Olixar X-Ranger. The case has a durable finish for keeping your phone safe. There's also a kickstand, so you can prop up your phone whenever you want. 

But arguably its most important feature on the Olixar X-Ranger is a built-in “multi-tool,” which can act as everything from a screwdriver and knife blade to a butterfly wrench and saw blade. If it's the one-stop shop of cases you want, the Olixar X-Ranger is the way to go.

Cutebe Galaxy Note 10 Case

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Cutebe Galaxy Note 10 Case

(Image credit: Cutebe)

Here's one of the best Galaxy Note 10 cases for people who want to give their phablet a distinctive look. The Cutebe Galaxy Note 10 Case comes with a colorful design on the back and features a shockproof design to reduce chances of your phone suffering damage when it falls. A raised ridge should keep the Note 10's screen from coming into contact with any surfaces, further upping the protection.

Technically, Cutebe’s offering is a bumper, which makes it a pretty lightweight addition to your Galaxy Note 10. You certainly won't notice any extra bulk as you care your Note 10 around in style.

VRS Design Damda Glide Shield

Best Galaxy Note 10 cases: VRS Design Damda Glide Shield

(Image credit: VRS Design)

VRS Design's Damda Glide Shield has a marble design and a smooth, glossy finish to make it look decidedly unlike most of the other best Galaxy Note 10 cases. The Damda Glide Shield has built-in shock absorption and a special component on the back to protect the rear cameras. 

In addition to those durability features, this case from VRS Design also has another compartment on its back to house your credit card for easy access. It even works with wireless chargers. In addition to black marble, you can pick from white, steel silver, deep sea blue and plain black colors for the Damda Glide Shield.

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

(Image credit: Snakehive)

Snakehive is all about leather. And if you want a Galaxy Note 10 case that has a folio design that also protects your screen, the Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet is for you. 

Snakehive's case has a cowhide nubuck leather design with a latch that ensures the case remains closed. You can use it to cover the Galaxy Note 10's screen and wrap around the phone when the case is closed. 

Open the Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet, and you can store everything from credit cards to cash in the folio case, making it an all-in-one solution. There are six different color options, but we're particularly struck by the honey gold version of Snakehive's case.

Samsung LED Back Cover

Samsung LED Back Cover

(Image credit: Samsung)

Another Samsung option for Galaxy Note 10 owners, the LED Back Cover case is a great choice for anyone who never wants to miss a notification. 

The LED Back Cover case protects your smartphone, of course, but its chief feature is an LED backplate that drives notifications from the phone to your case. Even if you have your phone screen down, you can see notifications from the phone displayed on the back of the case. 

Aside from that, the LED Back Cover case shows mood lighting and even gives you a countdown so you know when the camera will take your picture. Those are features you won't find on many other of the best Galaxy Note 10 cases.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

(Image credit: Spigen)

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case is all about providing a balance between protection and good looks. The case does that by delivering a clear finish, so you can still see the smartphone's design through the protective layers. 

The Ultra Hybrid Case itself has what Spigen calls a "rigid back" to make it last longer, and its military-grade certification means it should hold up fine when you drop it. A grip-friendly design should cut down on instances of the Note 10 slipping out of your fingers, though. 

The Spigen case works with both wireless and reverse charging. In addition to the Crystal Clear version of the Ultra Hybrid Case, you can also opt for a matte black edition.

Case Mate Tough Groove

Best Galaxy Note 10 cases: Case Mate Tough Groove

(Image credit: Case Mate)

If you want something a little more colorful in your life, look no further than the Case Mate Tough Groove. 

This Galaxy Note 10 case has a rugged finish to keep your phone safe, but the grooves on the back are rainbow-colored, which creates an iridescent effect unlike any other case we've seen.

The Tough Groove has 10-foot-drop protection and uses a tactical surface to reduce the chances of it slipping out of your hands. And like many of the other best Galaxy Note 10 cases, it works with wireless chargers.

OtterBox Defender Series

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: OtterBox Defender Series

(Image credit: OtterBox)

Meet the standard-bearer for durable phone cases. The Otterbox Defender Series wraps around the Galaxy Note 10, using an inner hard shell and outer slipcover to protect the device. 

Otterbox's case features a holster, allowing you to clip your Note 10 to your belt. Best of all, the Otterbox Defender Series features port covers to reduce the chances that dirt or dust will build up inside the smartphone.

Forget about seeing much of your Note 10's design when it's inside the Defender Series, but for people worried about protection, that won't matter very much.

Ghostek EXEC4

Best Galaxy Note 10 Cases: Ghostek EXEC4

(Image credit: Ghostek)

The Ghostek EXEC4 is designed for someone who wants both a Galaxy Note 10 case and wallet in one. You’ll find protection along the back and sides of the EXEC4 to reduce chances of damage should you drop your Note 10. Better yet, the case wraps around the screen edges to protect it on a face-down drop. 

Aside from that, the $30 case includes a modular magnetic wallet feature, so you can store credit cards and cash on it and leave your wallet at home. You'll find the EXEC4 in black, pink and gray.

How to choose the best Galaxy Note 10 case for you

As note above, be sure to pick a case that's either designed specifically for the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10 Plus, depending on which actual model you own. Case makers generally get quite specific about which models their various cases fit, and in most instances, if they offer a case for the Note 10, there's likely a version for the Note 10 Plus, too.

If the main thing you're looking for out of your Galaxy Note 10 case is something that adds a level of protection for your phone, look for any information on drop testing. That will tell you how many feet the case can fall while still adding some measure of protection to your phone. You're taking the case maker's word for it, but it still should give you some idea of how durable that Note 10 case will be.

Even if protection's not at the top of your wish list for a Galaxy Note 10 case, make sure that the case you're looking at features a ridge around the front display of the phone. That keeps the Note 10's screen from coming into direct contact with surfaces, which can save you from cracks and other damage.

The Note 10 supports wireless charging, so check to make sure that the case you're considering doesn't interfere with that feature. Generally, thinner cases should allow your phone to wireless charge, but it's worth checking with the manufacturer.

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