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Access Manager

10 Desktop Password Managers
Access Manager

Access Manager (Free, $24.95 pro) comes from an older school of password management design, functioning as an external program that manages your passwords and login details (all behind a master password), rather than being a browser plugin. It does make for a much more disjointed experience, having to copy-paste passwords from Access Manager to your programs or web browser, but it's local password management design means you don't have to worry about cloud security being compromised. The pro version includes extra features such as backups, file encryption, secure file deletion, and the option to install on a removable drive so you can take your access details anywhere. Access Manager does require Microsoft's .NET interface.

Verdict: While the approach is dated and doesn't play well with web integrations (unlike the auto-fill of newer browser-based options), Access Manager is still an okay tool if on a single machine.

Score: 2.5/5

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