20 Great Games for Android

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  • Super stickman golf and Hill climb racing.
    Sprinkle is also a good one.
  • no my little pony app?
    yea i know there are better ones, but i was still hoping to see it here.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    I am disappointed by Android/iOS games. There're two types:

    1) Thumb-controlled shooters. Shadowgun, MC3, whatever, same story. Feels super awkward and I keep cursing at the controls. People who manage to hook up game controllers pwn everyone else straight away.

    2) Touch/shake based. Instead of coming up with an interesting idea and then finding out how to implement it on a device, they see what a device can do and develop idea around that. That approach sucks. Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds... all boring BS.

    My Windows Mobile PDA had much better games. Awesome RPG (no, I am NOT talking about thumb-controlled slasher you find on Google Play if you search for "RPG"), RTS, TBS (Heroes of Might and Magic? Hell yeah!)... something that a mobile platform is much better suited for. Where are all these games?
  • and I must say it is an awesome list!

    None the less, there are few games should be added in the list like Where’s my water? and World of Goo. Well can you give me any link over which you have complete <a href="http://techocafe.com/android-game-reviews-best-selling-games-on-google-play/">android game reviews</a>

    One more thing, I recently explored GTA3 and Max Payne on android - but it is against some bucks. Can you tell me where I can get it for free?
  • Eufloria HD
  • here is some of my favorite tested games... far better than some of the overrated games here..

    Ski Safari - 5/5
    Rayman Jungle Run - 4.5/5
    Beach Buggy Blitz - 4/5
    Radient - 4/5
  • Games which i liked are :
    -angry birds ( Thats everybody favourite)
    -temple run
    - rail rush
    - car parking 3d
  • Wait so instead of the GTA3 and GTA Vice City ports, you put some ripoff by gameloft?! :/
  • Thanks a lot! I'll try some of these games.
    And I enjoyed 3 games which are recommended by a blog about Best Free Android Games for Samsung Galaxy S4 from enolsoft.com.
    They are quite funny and exciting! And I wanna try more funny games. Thanks again!
  • "I clicked a link before I click a link, then I click ten more" is how sublime feels about these ad fest click top 20s
  • Why don't they remake Carmen San Diego for mobile...
  • I wish Beamdog would put out Baldur's Gate for Android.
  • Organ Trail, Devil's Attorney, and Knights of Pen and Paper look pretty good, but I'm just not willing to shell out a few bucks without at least playing a demo. The problem is that the vast majority of Android/iOS games are horrible. I've downloaded many games that look like they will be amazing and then deleted them after about 10 minutes of gameplay. Until the quality of games improves, I'm not going to throw money away on what are probably terrible games.