Best Smartwatches 2017

Product Use case Rating
Apple Watch Series 2 Best Smartwatch Overall/Best for Fitness 8
Apple Watch Series 1 Best Smartwatch for iPhone 8
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Best Android Smartwatch 7

Smartwatches aren't for everyone. For some, a more basic fitness tracker or watch might suffice. But if you want something more versatile, smartwatches deliver smartphone notifications, fitness features, apps and more to your wrist, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket.

After testing dozens of smartwatches for Android and iOS and evaluating them based on design, features and ease of use, our top pick is the Apple Watch Series 2. It includes built-in GPS, a brighter screen, swimproof water-resistance and other health features, and starts at $369.

The original Apple Watch Series 1 Series 1 is another great option. It now features the same faster processor as the Series 2, and costs a cheaper $269.

Our favorite smartwatch for Android owners is the Samsung Gear S3. In addition to a very sleek design, the Gear S3 offers built-in GPS, water-resistance, a speaker, Samsung Pay support, plus a nifty rotating dial for navigating the interface. The 4G LTE version, the S3 Frontier, even lets you make and receive calls and texts. However, this Tizen-powered watch still suffers from a lack of apps.

Update: The Gear S3 now supports both Android and iOS with the latest update to the Gear S app. That means you can get notifications, track your fitness and use apps on the iPhone.

Those are just a few of the more than two dozen smartwatches we've tested.

Latest Smartwatch News

Android Wear 2.0, which offers Google's Assistant, Android Pay and standalone apps, has been officially unveiled by Google, which also worked with LG on two new smartwatches that showcase the new operating system. The $349 LG Watch Sport features a circular 1.38-inch 480 x 480-pixel screen. It also comes with LTE, GPS, a heart-rate monitor and support for Android Pay. The $249 LG Watch Style drops the LTE, GPS, heart-rate and mobile payment features; it offers a 1.2-inch 360 x 360-pixel screen and a 240 mAh battery. (A 430 mAh battery powers the more expensive sport.) Google says that Android Wear 2.0 will roll out to current watches in the coming weeks.

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  • seoguy
    Archived comments are found here:
  • Cal_Driver
    I'm loving that Apple Watch! The colored band totally fits my style!
  • rebby631
    won't they wifi ones which just track basic things like time and distance be good enough?
  • Emma-taylor
    I had visited the list of best smart watches in 2015.from that I would like much on pebble it is wondering.
  • Bavel
    i love moto 360 it is my favorite one
  • Eno_1_
    That pebble watch is soooo ugly. All these watches are a bore. They are just little blue tooth devices tethered to your phone. Redundant.
  • Sirdubs
    So, you say the gear 2 has a proprietary platform, so it doesn't make the list. ... but apple watch gets top billing., it only works with One phone. If you don't know what proprietary means, then I don't trust this list
  • Sirdubs
    "Nixon Mission is a rugged smartwatch that’s rated for water resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet). That means you can get your notifications even while you’re surfing or snorkeling. " ...
    You realize that the watch isn't magical right? So you're not getting signal under water, it's becoming more and more obvious that the a author of this article doesn't know much about wireless technology.
  • Cyberjunky
    First off the Pebble devices are not fully compatible with Apple IOS devices. They crash often on the Apple IOS 9.X.X software. The device goes into SOS mode (recovery mode) every few weeks (6-8 weeks). The pebble devices have more updates than any IOS devise I have ever owned. In 4 moths the device required 5 updates, in my opinion that is a little excessive. The apps are clunky and the majority of apps require add on apps to run in the background which in some cases can cost quite a bit on the app store. There are some apps that will not work even with the add on apps. A device that costs around $299.00 (Pebble Time F90A) that keeps crashing with clunky apps, no touch screen and 0 support. I would not consider that an investment.
    Anyone thinking of smartwatch should look at all the options available to them, the Apple smartwatch prices have come down quite a bit and for an extra $100.00 ($399.00) you could be the proud owner of a IOS smart watch with touch screen and a whole lot of better options and features. Samsung has their own version of a smart watch which works a lot better than the 3de party clunky app Pebble watches.
  • ubercake
    I don't know how the apple watch gets the accolades it does. It doesn't have built in GPS so you have to carry your phone even if you wear a watch on a run? How about an apple ankle bracelet to add to the gear you have to carry? Why do I want to wear a watch if I still have to mount a giant phone to my arm anyway?

    A watch with both built-in GPS and the ability to store your music and play it to a set of Bluetooth exercise earplugs is what is going to make the best option in the future. Until then, the apple watch is simply a dumb-terminal to the phone.

    On the other hand, the Microsoft band has the GPS component that is better than my Garmin watch that costs a little less. The GPS finds the sat right away, unlike the Garmin which can take up to 5 minutes to triangulate. If the Microsoft Band would only let you store music and Bluetooth to the headset/earphones, it would be the one that makes sense. Although, there's no pretty blue band...
  • jerry7888
    I'd say that the apple watch is a little overpriced and overhyped imo. So maybe samsung?
  • Widep1990
    Apple, Google and Samsung are all in a rush to grab you by the wrist. The heat has been turned up for computer wearables and the focus is centered above your hand.

    The first Google Android Wear smartwatches have just been released. They appear as the LG G Watch and Samsung's Gear Live.

    Meantime the clock is ticking on Apple's iWatch debut. The firm is ramping up its efforts to launch their new wearable sometime this fall. In fact the company is reported to have hired the sales director of luxury Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer to help in this effort.
  • Harrison7777
    Moto 360 is the best. Round display - it is perfect and chipest then apple watch
  • joanfisch
    Still waiting for a well made smartwatch fit for a business woman. Advertising a clunker as made for women because it's a "boy friend watch" in rose gold doesn't make it designed for a woman. That's pure marketing hype not reality.
  • bufordortiz
    Nice Collection. But i will go with apple.
  • andycole
    I like the Samsung S3 watch, Happy with it
  • andycole
    The Apple Watch series 2 is so popular that it quickly ran out of stock! I got one ordered for Christmas but it hasn't shipped yet. No wonder!