Microsoft Confirms All Those Zune HD Rumors

While there's been rumors stemming from retailers, "people in the know" and anonymous tipsters for what seems like an age, Microsoft has finally stepped up to the plate and confirmed pricing and the release date of the Zune HD, along with some other minor details for those eagerly awaiting the device.

First off, the previously reported September 15 release date was bang on the money. Microsoft also announced that pre-ordering for the Zune HD starts today as well as pricing, which is again, in line with previous rumors: 16 GB and 32 GB models, priced at $219.99 and $289.99.

What we didn't know before is that pre-ordered 16 GB units will come in black and pre-ordered 32 GB units will come in platinum. However, when the device launches on September 15 (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and of course Microsoft), the player will be offered in five colors. Customers will also have the option of adding one of 10 engravings by guest artists to the back of the device.

Given that pre-orders don't give you the option of choosing your favorite color or adding an artist's engraving, is anyone tempted to wait until September 15, or is that a really girly question on my part? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • ljport78
    But what we really want to know is "Will it run Crysis?"
  • thomasjm52
    why do people write "BTW who cares" obviously you do cause you read the article then posted a coment you moron!
  • mtyermom
    I am pleasantly surprised by the pricing.
  • Other Comments
  • icepick314
    unless that preorder "platinum" color is gone after launch, i'll wait till i have some color and design options....
  • nicklasd87
    The only thing I want to know is if it will work with any media player...and I doubt it will due to "Zune Marketplace". If Microsoft makes the Zune usable on any media player, life wil be good...
  • thepetey
    I am picking up one of these for sure, anyone looking for a 32gb ipod touch? :)