Indie Hit Fez Hitting Steam May 1st

Though Fez developer Phil Fish has gone on record to claim that the game is "a console game, not a PC game… It's a console game on a console. End of story."

Apparently, despite his harsh words, it's not the end of the story. Recently, Fish, in a blog post, stated that Fez would be ported to other platforms, but didn't specify which ones.

Fez has recently received a Steam storefront... so Fish had a change of heart?

According to Steam, Fez will be coming to PC May 1 later this year.

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  • alidan
    still no email updates for comments, now onto the comment

    ever sense it was first announded i wanted this game, but i was never going to buy it for a plat form that at some point will die (xbox360) so i never got it for that console.

    but when i hear this guy talk... i can never bring myself to like the guy.

    if this was a team of people, i could get it knowing he was one of many, but knowing most money (if he is porting it himself) is going to him... its hard to swallow.

    its on my wishlist, but ill be hard pressed to pay more than 5$ for it.
  • alidan
    ankit0x1forced console port? I'l rather play tetris

    if he is doing it himself, yea, rather not play it, but if he farmed it out to someone else... you can get some fairly good ports depending on who you farm to
  • icepick314
    hopefully the bugs are more ironed out on PC version...

    there was couple of game breaking bugs found on Xbox version but it was never fixed because MS charges for update rollouts after first free update...