5 signs you need a queen size mattress, not a king

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If you’re in the market for a new mattress, then you may be feeling totally overwhelmed by the sheer choice on offer. As well as choosing what type of mattress you need, you also need to think about the size - and it could come down to deciding between a queen size or king size mattress. 

When it comes to picking the best mattress size for you, there are other factors to take into consideration such as the space in your bedroom, how many people or pets are sleeping in the bed, and not forgetting your height and weight. 

In the US, a queen size mattresses measures 60” x 80” (160cm x 200cm) making them slightly narrower but not longer than a king size mattress, which measures 75” x 80” (180cm x 200cm). Here, we'll walk you through the common signs a queen is the best size bed for you. With the Memorial Day mattress sales right around the corner, now is one of the best times to upgrade you mattress. 

5 signs you need a queen size mattress, not a king

1. You value your floor space

Queen size mattresses are narrower than king size which means what you you're going to benefit from that extra bit of floor space in your bedroom. Don’t be tempted to go for a king size mattress just because it fits, sometimes even the best king size mattress in a smaller room can make it look cramped. And if you’d prefer the extra space for other furniture or just to be able to move around easier, then opting for a queen size mattress is the only way. Also, that bit of extra room will allow you to rotate your mattress every six months so you stay on top of your mattress maintenance. 

2. You sleep alone 

When it comes to having enough sleeping space, a queen size bed is plenty big enough for one. If you’re sleeping alone you’ll have plenty of room to spread right out - so why pay for more bed that you don't need? Even if you’re sleeping with a partner, a queen size mattress is still the perfect size for couples or if you sleep with a pet and you won’t find yourself sleeping on the edge, unless of course that’s how you like to sleep. Plus, a smaller mattress gives you the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your sleeping partner, whether that be another human or your beloved furry friend. 

3. You're on a budget

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King size mattresses are bigger, which mean they tend to cost more. Because queen size mattresses are slightly smaller, that means they’re cheaper. However, they still provide get exceptional levels of comfort and support without draining your bank account. And those extra savings can be spent on treating yourself to some new bedding, so don’t forget to check out our round up of the best bedding sales to save  even more money. 

4. You like feeling cozy

King size beds are lovely, but they can feel a bit cold and overly spacious - especially if you sleep alone. If you like being warm and snug then there’s no better size mattress than a queen size (it's the most popular mattress size in the US for good reason). If you're a hot sleeper and worried that sleeping in a smaller space with another person may cause you to overheat, you can always look out for a good cooling mattress that will help keep your temperature at a comfortable level. 

5.  You're not particularly tall 

Queen size mattresses are the perfect choice for all shapes, sizes and types of sleeper. But if you're  average height or even on the shorter side, then you don't need that extra bit of room that comes with a king size mattress. In fact, you'll find you fit in to the queen size mattress a lot more comfortably, meaning that you'll enjoy a more restful and comfortable sleep. Side sleepers will also find a queen mattress the ideal choice, there's plenty of room for you to lie on your side and even curl your legs up so there's not much point in paying for that extra space. 


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