Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Switch or Wii U?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of Nintendo's most anticipated games in years, and it's coming to both the Wii U and the upcoming Switch.

While the game was originally only coming to the Wii U, it's been adapted for Nintendo's new system as a launch title, begging the question: which version is the one you should play?

No matter which one you end up buying, you'll still get the same game with the same content, according to a statement that Nintendo provided to IGN. You don't have to worry about missing crucial story beats if you buy the version for the older console.

The biggest difference is how the game looks on a TV. The Nintendo Switch version of the game renders in 900p and the Wii U version plays in 720p (both run at 30 frames per second). The Switch's mobile display is 720p, so it will look similar to the Wii U version if you play while on the go. Some of the on-screen icons will differ between the two versions, which is expected, as the buttons on the systems are different.

Additionally, the Switch will have better audio: "The sound of steps, water, grass, etc. are more realistic and enhance the game’s Open-Air feel," on the Switch, the company said.

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If you want the real-world goodies that come in the game's Special and Master Editions, you'll have no choice but to go for the Switch version, as the Wii U version won't come in any bundles. Due to the hybrid nature of Nintendo's new console, the Switch version is the only edition of the game that you can play on the go, which could be a big deal if you travel often.

Get Breath of the Wild for Wii U

If you want the best looking and sounding version of the game, Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch is the way to go. But that does come with a the added expense of buying a new console. If you decide to hold off on the Switch, you can still get the same game on the Wii U, even if it doesn't look as sharp and sound quite as real.

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