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Xbox Project Scorpio Strikes First in 4K Console Wars

LOS ANGELES - E3 2016 might be about video games, but it's pretty clear that Microsoft isn't playing. In addition to the heavily leaked Xbox One S, the company revealed some tantalizing tidbits about another console on the horizon, codenamed Project Scorpio.

Dubbed the world's most powerful gaming console, Xbox head Phil Spector stated when the hardware launches in the early part of 2017, it will have the ability to play 4K games as well as support virtual reality.

So what gives Scorpio its sting? According to the featurette shown during the Xbox press conference, the device will pack a system on a chip with eight cores, up to 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth, and more than 6 TeraFLOPs of power. That means when Scorpio will have the ability to easily run games at 60 Hz of uncompressed pixels, which should translate into high fidelity frame rates when gaming.

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And if you're worried about your Xbox One becoming obsolete at the end of the year, you needn't fear. Spector also announced that every game released for the Scorpio will be compatible with the original Xbox One as well as the One S, so you can hold on to old reliable just a little bit longer.

If Scorpio lives up to its claims, it could potentially change the way we game. The ability to play games in 4K and support VR on a console is no small feat. However, I'm going to withhold judgement until PlayStation announces its rumored Neo 4K console.

Sherri L. Smith

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