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Boy Dials 911 After Parents Take Away Xbox

When I was a kid under my parent's supervision (or dictatorship), I had things taken away from me as punishment. Be it TV time or video games, it'd be some sort of negative reinforcement. During none of those occurrences, however, did it ever come to mind that I should call the cops on my parents. Good thing I didn't, though, as it evidently doesn't work.

A 15-year-old boy had his Xbox taken away by his parents. Disgruntled, the boy called 911 but then hung up, reported the Chicago Tribune.

The police eventually showed up to residence to investigate. The boy asked authorities if his parents were within their right to take away his Xbox. The police told him that they were.

While the police did not find out why the boy was being punished, they advised him to listen to his parents.

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