Vizio Reference Series 120-inch: World's Biggest Ultra HD Smart TV

Seeking a 4K TV that's literally larger-than-life? Look no further than the whopping 120-inch version of Vizio's Reference Series, which packs a host of features for unprecedented picture quality.

Just a bit taller than our 5-foot-11 frame, the massive 120-inch display sports a black bezel with a silver die-cast base. A Dolby 5.1 Surround sound bar sits between the screen and the base, which is complemented by an included 10-inch wireless subwoofer.

A short clip from "Oblivion" looked stunning on the 120-inch R-Series, thanks to the TV's 384 active LED zones and support for over one billion shades of color. The film's fast-paced shootout scenes looked lifelike, and the 800-nit display allowed us to see a striking level of detail on Tom Cruise's war-torn face.

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We watched the same movie on the 65-inch model, which was playing the clip in sync with a competing TV. The video was significantly sharper on Vizio's display, and a flashing red warning sign looked much more vibrant.

While optimized for Ultra HD content, the R-Series utilizes Vizio's Spatial Scaling Engine to add more detail to 1080p video. The TV runs on Vizio's V6 processor, which contains a dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU, and can display up to 120 frames per second with High Velocity Mode activated. Like other Vizio Smart TVs, the Wi-Fi enabled R-Series supports Vizio's app selection, which has recently gained Spotify and an updated version of Netflix that supports Ultra HD content.

Vizio has yet to announce a release date or price for its R-Series televisions, but both of these advanced Smart TVs are likely to ship with a hefty premium.

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