Best Sonos Christmas 2018 Deals


Sonos, the maker of elegant speakers and audio equipment, is slashing the price of its gear. The sale includes popular devices like the Sonos One and Sonos Connect: Amp. Here are the best prices you can find right now.  

Sonos One - $179 ($20 off)

The Sonos One is a versatile speaker thanks to its integration with Alexa, multiple control methods via voice, touch buttons or app; and the option to pair it with other Sonos products. The discount still applies if you want to buy a two or four piece set of Ones, adding high quality sound to one room or several, with easy setup and for a good price. The One is our Best Sounding Smart Speaker for 2018, so pick this one if you want a mix of superb audio and digital assistant convenience.

Buy from Amazon US - $179 ($20 off)

Buy from Amazon UK - £179 (£20 off)

Sonos 1 Two-Pack - $348 ($50 off)

Tap into the magic of your Sonos speaker by pairing it with another unit. Two speakers can be paired in one room for stereo sound or you can place the speakers in separate rooms to fill your house with wireless audio.   

Buy from Amazon US - $348 ($50 off)

Buy from Amazon UK - £348 (£10 off)

Sonos Connect:Amp - $399 (save $100)

If you have a lovely audio setup already, but wish that it could have smart-speaker features, then you can achieve that with the Connect:Amp. Plug in your old non-powered speakers with an aux lead, and give them app control, Alexa integration, as well as normal amp features like modifying the EQ to your preferences. Sadly for UK readers, this deal is only available in the U.S.

Buy from Amazon US - $399 ($100 off)