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Meme Smart Glasses Know When You're Tired

Do you have a nasty habit of falling asleep during big office meetings, at church or behind the wheel? An upcoming pair of smart glasses could help predict when you're about to nod off, potentially saving your job (or your life) in the process. This wild wearable, called the Meme, is set to launch in Japan in 2015 at a starting price of 70,0000 yen, or about $685.

Developed by Japanese manufacturer JINS, the Meme uses eye and motion tracking in order to figure out when you're tired. Once it knows that you're a bit sleepy, the Meme will send a notification to your smartphone via a companion app. 

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The Meme glasses, which look pretty subtle for a smart device, can do more than track your drowsiness. The device sports fitness features such as calorie counting and step tracking. A short video on the JINS website shows the Meme interacting with a laptop via Bluetooth. 

The Meme will launch in multiple forms, including a more traditional glasses design as well as a sunglass variation. We don't know if these smart spectacles are headed to the states, but until Google Glass learns to give us a nudge when we're sleepy, we hope they do.

Via Engadget/Jins