Galaxy S8 Design Leaked as New Photos Surface

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 isn't expected to appear at Mobile World Congress 2017, but the phone maker already may have provided an early look at the upcoming smartphone. And other photos have apparently just leaked online.

First up is a group of photos from Twitter user Ice Universe, which show what looks like the Galaxy S8 with an edge-to-edge display. This includes a navigation area where the Home button used to be. As we reported earlier today, it looks like the S8 will use software buttons instead.

While prepping its Secure Folder app for use on the Galaxy S7, Samsung also added some pictures showing what looks like the S8’s final design in the app's files. The leaked images were first spotted by Sammobile in a separate report on the Galaxy S7 Secure Folder app.

This leaked Samsung graphic might show off the Galaxy S8's design. (Via Sammobile)

This leaked Samsung graphic might show off the Galaxy S8's design. (Via Sammobile)

The most logical reason for this is that in the process of updating the Secure Folder app for the Galaxy S7, Samsung decided to work on compatibility for the Galaxy S8 as well. While there aren’t any labels specifically designating the unnamed phone as the S8, when you consider information from previous Galaxy S8 leaks, the pictured phone looks a lot like what we expect from the S8 when it arrives later this spring. 

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The front of the pictured phone looks to have a big screen with tiny bezels on top on bottom; unlike previous Galaxy phones, there are no front-mounted home or capacitive touch buttons. That's in line with the leading rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8, which is expected to prominently feature an edge-to-edge display.

In another set of pictures Android Policefound in a system dump from a Galaxy Tab S3, you can see illustrations of the supposed S8's new software nav buttons that Samsung is using in place of capacitive touch keys and the back of the phone, which offers what looks like a single rear camera and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader. Again, that squares with rumors we've already heard about the Galaxy S8's design.

More leaked Galaxy S8 images (via Android Police)

More leaked Galaxy S8 images (via Android Police)

The Secure Folder app originally debuted on the now defunct Galaxy Note 7. With this latest update, it now seems quite close to an official release for Galaxy S7 devices running Android 7.0 before possibly coming to Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8. Samsung hasn't said when it will release the new phone, though reports have the company unveiling it during a late March press event.

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