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Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Could Be In This Strange Spot

Samsung is planning to deliver the Galaxy S10 early next year. And when it does, it could opt for rather interesting placement for its fingerprint sensor.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

When the company unveils three new Galaxy S10s next year, two of them will come with virtual fingerprint sensors baked into the screen. The third, however, could deliver a physical fingerprint sensor that would sit on the side of the device rather than the back, SamMobile is reporting.

The fingerprint sensor has been a constant point of debate in Samsung's Galaxy S line.

There had been some hope in the Galaxy S8 that Samsung would deliver a virtual fingerprint sensor baked into the screen. Instead, the company placed a physical fingerprint sensor next to the rear camera, where it was hard to reach and roundly criticized.

In the Galaxy S9, there had again been hope that Samsung would offer a virtual sensor, but the company instead turned to the physical sensor. This time, however, the sensor was more easily accessible under the rear camera.

Since then, rumors have been swirling that Samsung has cracked the code on a virtual sensor and is planning it for the Galaxy S10 it plans to launch early next year. There hasn't, however, been too much talk about a physical sensor in one of the versions this year.

It's unclear why SamMobile's sources would say that Samsung would move the fingerprint sensor to the side of its device. While the feature has been tried by others, the rear-panel placement is generally a standard in the smartphone market. And although Samsung is planning a design revamp for the Galaxy S10, it's unlikely it would need to dramatically overhaul its placement unless it has something else planned for the device's design.

Several reports suggest that the Galaxy S10 would hit store shelves in January at CES. A new report this week, however, has said that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 at Mobile World Congress and bump its foldable Galaxy X to January and CES.

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