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Galaxy Fold Is 'Fixed,' Release Date Coming Soon

Editors' Note: Updated at 10:19 a.m. ET with a comment from Samsung.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold was supposed to be on store shelves right now. But then it started breaking. And now, there's talk of a new release date coming soon.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Speaking to The Korea Herald in an interview on Thursday, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh said that Samsung will decide on the Galaxy Fold's release date in the coming days. The report also said that Samsung has resolved the reported issues involving its main display.

There's no date yet for the relaunch, but a Samsung spokesperson said one would be set soon. "We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks," the spokesperson said.

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Samsung had been working on the device for years and finally unveiled it in February. The company had hoped to get the $2,000 smartphone to store shelves on Apr. 26. However, after reviewers said they experienced defects with the screen that caused it to flicker on and off, trouble erupted. Reviewers also said that there was a protective film on the screen that they tried to remove, thinking it was packaging. Instead, the film was there to protect the foldable screen.

Others who got their hands on the device early said that a gap between the screen and the hinge on the back, which allows the smartphone to fold, was too wide, and allowed debris to get behind the screen and damage it.

It was bad news for Samsung, which ultimately decided to delay the Galaxy Fold pending an investigation. Until now, we've heard precious little about what's happening with the device. Koh's comments, followed by Samsung's confirmation, are the closest we've gotten in the last few weeks to even knowing when the smartphone might launch.

However, AT&T did let it slip last month that the Galaxy Fold would be released on June 13. It's unclear how AT&T determined that, and whether Samsung conveyed the message initially. Judging by Koh's comment, it would appear that Samsung hasn't made any decisions on the device yet.

But at least now, we know Samsung has determined what's happening, and is getting ready to move forward with a release date.

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