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Samsung Will Release Foldable Galaxy Clamshell Just Like The Razr (Report)

Samsung will reportedly release a new Galaxy phone that you can fold in half, like the rumored Motorola Razr. Rather than trying to make another tablet like the troubled Galaxy Fold, the company wants to make a device that's more convenient to carry your phone around.

An upcoming Galaxy Fold could sport a vertical design like this concept. Credit: Nieuwemobiel

(Image credit: An upcoming Galaxy Fold could sport a vertical design like this concept. Credit: Nieuwemobiel)

Reported by the Korean publication ET News — which is consistently accurate — the foldable phone will start production as soon as November of this year and will launch in the first half of 2020.

The Razr-like Samsung clamshell will allegedly use a 6.7-inch screen just like the Galaxy S10 5G. It would vertically fold in half right in the middle, so you can easily fit it in your jeans or throw it in your bag. Not only is it a more convenient format to carry around but it will also automatically protect the screen against scratches in a purse. 

From the description, the phone may look pretty much like the concept seen above, made by Dutch site Nieuwemobiel.

Credit: Yango Design

(Image credit: Yango Design)

Like the old Razr — and apparently the incoming foldable Razr, seen above — the Samsung Galaxy foldable clamshell will have an external 1-inch screen for notifications, so you don’t have to open the phone every time a message or a news alert pops up.

According to ET News, Samsung remains committed to the foldable phone. Rather than dialling back, they are ready to double down with this new format, which apparently has many executives really excited. As Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Ko said last August, there’s a long-term roadmap for this product line.

The report also says that the Galaxy Fold’s design problems will be fixed “soon”. Once that’s done, Samsung will again put its weight behind that model and this new clamshell.

I don’t know about you, but almost a third of my 6.39-inch Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is always popping out of my jeans’ back pocket. The idea of folding it in half to carry it and getting back to normal size at any time with a flip sounds perfect.

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