Mass Effect: Andromeda - PS4, Xbox One or PC?

Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally here, which begs the question — which platform should you play it on? BioWare's sweeping space adventure promises the same gorgeous worlds, exciting combat and steamy intergalactic romance regardless of whether you play on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but there are some key differences to know about before you touch down.

PS4 and Xbox One

The PS4 version of the game comes optimized for PS4 Pro, meaning those with Sony's higher-end console will enjoy Andromeda's stunning environments in 4K with extra-rich colors thanks to High Dynamic Range — as long as you have a 4K HDR TV, that is.

Folks with an Xbox One S or a regular PS4 can explore Andromeda with HDR enabled, but not in 4K. If you have a standard PS4 or Xbox One, the game will run at 1080p and 900p, respectively, and both console versions are locked at 30 frames per second.


The PC version of Andromeda is potentially the best-looking and best-performing version of the game, so long as you have a powerful enough gaming desktop or laptop. According to the game's official system requirements, you'll need at least an Intel Core i7-4790 processor and Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics (among other specs) for the best experience, though you can get by with a Core i5 and GTX 660 or better. The PC version will have an uncapped framerate, meaning you can bounce from cover to cover and blow up aliens at a smooth 60 fps as long as you have the right hardware.

Curious how Andromeda looks at its maximum potential on PC? Check out the above 4K HDR trailer from Nvidia. Granted, you'll need a very powerful card (such as the GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti) and a 4K HDR gaming monitor for this kind of quality.

Bottom Line

If you enjoy Mass Effect, you're going to have a good time with the game regardless of where you play it. There doesn't appear to be any platform-exclusive content, but it's worth knowing the benefits you'll reap from each system, especially if you have a beefy gaming PC or the newer PS4 Pro or Xbox One S. Since multiplayer is a big component of Mass Effect: Andromeda, your choice might simply come down to where all of your friends are playing.

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In our full Mass Effect: Andromeda review, we found the game's likeable characters, immersive setting and deep progression systems to be high points, even if the story played things a bit safe. If you're exploring Andromeda for yourself, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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