Here Are the Best LG V30 Carrier Deals

The smartphone wars are on. The latest contender to enter the ring is LG with its new LG V30. The $810 phone is now available via all major carriers and joins the soon-to-be-released iPhone X ($999) and Galaxy Note 8 ($930). 

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LG hopes to stand out in the crowded smartphone market with the V30's beefed-up cameras, which should perform well in low light and allow you to add different effects to videos on the fly.

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Here's a closer look at what you'll pay for the LG V30 at each carrier, along with any special deals those carriers are offering. We'll update this story with additional details, as more deals are released.


The LG V30 is available from AT&T for $27/month (over 30 months) or an upfront payment of $809.99. (Either way you pay $810 for the phone).

LG V30

As has been the case with a lot of high-profile releases, AT&T is hoping to get you to sign up for its DirecTV service when you buy the V30. New and existing DirecTV customers can get a second LG V30 for free when they buy one phone. That free phone comes in the form of bill credits that start after three bills.

The LG V30 is compatible with Google's Daydream virtual reality platform so AT&T is also offering a free Daydream View headset with a content bundle if you buy the V30 before Nov. 13. Presumably, that's the current Daydream headset, as Google is expected to roll out a new version of the headset at the same it launches the Pixel 2 in early October.


Sprint will be the only U.S. carrier offering the LG V30+ ($912). That's a higher capacity version of the phone — it offers 128GB of storage — and it will include LG QuadPlay earbuds for improved audio. The V30+ just hit stores Oct. 13.

Sprint is charging $38 per month for the phone, spread out over 24 months. That works out to a $912 price tag for the V30+ — basically a $100 premium over the standard V30. You'll also be able to lease the V30+ through the Sprint Flex program for $38 a month over 18 months. Order online and Sprint waives its $30 activation fee.

New and existing customers who lease through Sprint Flex will be able to get a second V30+ for free. Like AT&T, Sprint will offer V30+ customers a Daydream View headset with a bundle of VR content.


The Magenta network has a sweet deal on LG's new phone. Buy two LG V30 smartphones and you'll receive a $500 rebate (via prepaid MasterCard). Both phones must be purchased via EIP and you'll need to activate at least one new line, so this deal is valid for existing and new subscribers.

If you prefer to pay in installments, you can make monthly payments of $30 over 24 months when you put $80 down on the new phone. Whether you buy one phone or two, you'll also get a Google Daydream View VR headset and a bundle of VR games.

T-Mobile is also offering the V30 through its Jump On Demand service that lets you upgrade to new devices whenever you want. You'll pay $33 a month on an 18-month lease through this option.


Verizon offers the LG V30 at $35/month over 24 months or for an upfront cost of $840. In both cases, you'll get a free Google Daydream VR and $200 prepaid card.

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