Amazon Remotely Deleting Books From Kindle

Those who have adopted the Amazon e-book way of reading today discovered something that they surely weren't counting on – having their books remotely deleted from their Kindles.

In what is glaring irony, George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm were the two books that the publisher decided it no longer wanted Kindle owners to have access to. Instead of just pulling the book from the store and stopping any further sales, it had Amazon send out a kill notice to delete all those books from any device that they were purchased on.

Amazon said that this occurrence is rare, but for those who purchased the books and were halfway through reading them – even once is too many times, even if they were issued refunds.

If there was any argument for owning physical media – and books, out of all possibilities – this would be a prime example.

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  • Raid3r
  • FilthPig2004
    Way to destroy fledgling consumer confidence in digital distribution, Amazon. No wonder so many turn to piracy.
  • jsloan
    wow, i almost bought one of those things, came real close, didn't because unlike mp3 you really don't own the books you get and now i see just how much you don't really own the books, not only can't you sell them later on, like you can with regular books, or give them away, like you can with other books, but they can take them away from you at anytime they and the copyright owners are fighting with each othr.

    yeap, even after people pay for them. wow, and they give lawyers a bad name, sounds like a class action lawsuit is what is needed.

    customer is poorly represented in this new electronic world...
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  • Hitokage
  • Raid3r
  • Ramar
    What on earth are they thinking?

    There's usually a "good" reason for this, and if there isn't, someone start the Anti-Amazon petition.