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iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 Just Caught on Video

Amidst the flurry of rumors surrounding Apple’s 2018 iPhones, one thing appears to be all but certain: There will probably be three models, and all of them will employ the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge design.

A video shared on Instagram and published to 9to5Mac by leaker Shai Mizrachi has added even more credibility to what we think we know about Apple’s smartphone plans. It shows the current iPhone X situated in between molds of two prospective devices — a 6.1-inch handset on the right with a single rear camera, believed to be the iPhone 9, and a 6.5-inch variant on the left with a dual-lens setup, presumably the iPhone X Plus.

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Stacked side-by-side, the differences in size between the three models becomes a little more tangible. However, there’s more separating them than size alone.

The iPhone 9 is expected to replace the iPhone X’s OLED display with an LCD one, while retaining the bezel-less appearance. Although it’s a bit larger than the iPhone X, by 0.3 inches, the simpler camera setup and cheaper screen technology should contribute to a sizable price cut compared to Apple’s current range topper. Whereas the iPhone X starts at $999, most reports to date have pegged the iPhone 9 at $699.

By that logic, the iPhone 9 would make for a less expensive barrier of entry to Apple’s all-display phones, on par with the current iPhone 8 that also retails for $699. On the other side of the range, the iPhone X Plus appears to share about the same dimensions as the current iPhone 8 Plus. If the next-gen iPhone X gets a slight price reduction to occupy the middle of the roster (as we've heard thus far), the iPhone X Plus will likely start at $999 just as the iPhone X does today.

It’s also worth noting that the dummy molds appear to have been placed in cases, which once again indicates that third-party accessory makers have already begun manufacturing product based on leaks from suppliers and the like. In its story, 9to5Mac points out that Mizrachi has been right before, posting images of previous iPhone molds that have proven to be the real deal.

Earlier in the day, benchmark scores for the iPhone X Plus purportedly leaked via Geekbench. Remember to check our rumor roundup dedicated to the 2018 iPhone range for all the latest headlines surrounding Apple's highly-anticipated handsets.

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