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Hasbro's Device Brings 3-D to iPhone, iPod

My3D is a stereoscopic device which owners can insert their iPhones or iPods into. Despite looking like a cheap pair of binoculars for children, My3D will be priced at around $30 and aimed towards both children and adults.

With 3D content getting its own place in the App Store soon, and Hasbro signing deals with major studios such as Sony and Dreamworks, the My3D will definitely have plenty of content to keep it going.

Some content that can be expected are visual 3D tours of sites and attractions such as coral reefs and the Santa Monica Pier. In addition to tours, My3D will include exclusive film previews and trailers. There aren't too many details out about gaming but it is expected that there will be a heavy emphasis on gaming as well.

Although some may be a bit anxious about a toy company developing such a device, they should be happy to learn that Apple actually had some input in the development of My3D. Hasbro's new toy is definitely promising and it is doubtful that it'll go unnoticed.

Source: MacRumors