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Apple, Amazon and B&N to Capture 87% of Tablet Market

What remains the same, however, is the fact that Apple controls more than half of the market, while Amazon and Barnes & Noble are the only other major vendors.

Of the 14.97 million tablets predicted by Digitimes Research to ship in Q1, 11 million or 73 percent will be iPad 2 and iPad 3 devices, leaving a little over 26 percent to Android. Amazon's Kindle will hit 1.5 million or about 10 percent share, followed by the Barnes & Noble Nook with 500,000 units and 4 percent share. Combined, these three manufacturers will dominate the tablet market with 87 percent market share.

If Digitimes Research is correct, then it also appears that non-iPad tablets are facing much more serious seasonal peaks in their sales: The company said that non-iPad tablet shipments will decline 51 percent sequentially. In Q1, 83 percent of all tablets shipped globally will have been assembled by Foxconn and about 10 percent by Quanta.