You Can Now Easily Share Google Search Results: Here's How

Ever gotten a Google search result so mindblowing that you just had to share it with everyone you know? If so, Google is working on a solution for you -- provided that you're an Android user.

Credit: Shutterstock

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

As 9to5Google notes, you can share your Google search results via email, text message, Facebook, and a number of other avenues. When your recipient clicks the link, they'll be directed to the Google app (if they're on Android) or to the search results in their browser (if they're on a PC). Bear in mind that they may not see the same results that you did; those are somewhat personalized based on browsing history.

Here's how to share your Google search:

1. Open the Google app. Make sure you're signed up to beta test the Google app for Android.

2. Enter your search term into Google. In this example, we'll search for Starbucks.

3. Tap the icon at the right end of the search bar, to the left of the microphone icon.

4. Choose how you'd like to share your search. Your options include Gmail, Dropbox, Bluetooth, Flipboard, Drive, Facebook, and more.

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