How to Use a DualShock 4 Wirelessly On PS3

Even if you own Sony's PlayStation 4, recent PS3 hits like "South Park: The Stick of Truth" and "Dark Souls II" make Sony's last-gen powerhouse worth holding on to. If you prefer to use the PS4's softer and more ergonomic DualShock 4 gamepad to play your favorite PS3 games, Sony has made the process easier than ever.

DualShock 4 gamepads previously only worked with PS3 via a wired connection, but Reddit user shafiggy16 notes that the system's most recent update allows you to sync your DS4 to your PS3 wirelessly. The process is quite simple, so here's how to get it going.

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1. Power on your PS3 and DualShock 4 controller.

2. From the PS3 dashboard, select Settings.

3. Select Accessory Settings.

4. Enter the Manage Bluetooth Devices menu.

5. Select Register New Device. Your PS3 will now scan for Bluetooth controllers. 

6. Press and hold the Share and PlayStation buttons on your DualShock 4.

7. Select Wireless Controller from the devices menu. Your DualShock 4 is now synced.

Keep in mind that your PS3 will recognize your DualShock 4 as a generic wireless controller, so you won't be able to use the gamepad's PlayStation button, touchpad, vibration features and Sixaxis motion control. Engadget notes that the DualShock 4's wireless PS3 performance can be "somewhat spotty," so we recommend hanging on to your microUSB cable just to be safe.

Source: Reddit, Engadget

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  • Christopher1
    Why would it be viewed as a generic controller? That does not make sense in the slightest. Mayhaps the system update needs to include a new driver for the DS4 on a PS3?
  • LePhuronn
    Well considering the PS button is an essential control on the PS3, not being able to use it wirelessly with a DS4 is just ridiculous.

    Then again, surely a PS3 owner will have a few PS3 controllers lying around, so is the ability to use a DS4 controller on PS3 just a bit of a gimmick anyway?
  • asianteekay
    Consoles have a history of not being compatible forwards and backwards so this is good news. But this is just silly that the only basic controls work, you might as well get another PS3 controller.