Google Releases Android 3.0

The new OS, which specifically targets tablets, differentiates itself especially through the use of widgets that are used in place of the usual square and static symbols. The company believes that such widgets, which are available for frequently used apps such as email, calendar, or videos will offer much faster access to information that is important to the user. There are also several changes to the Gmail client that are designed to make the use of email on a tablet much more efficient.

Honeycomb includes support for multi-core processors as well as a refreshed UI framework that supports 2D and 3D graphics. For developers,  Google released version 10.0.0 of its Android Development Tools (ADT), which are integrated in the Eclipse development environment. According to the company, all interfaces are now finalized and developers can use the platform to create Android 3.0 applications. Google has already posted some information how to optimize apps for Android 3.0 as well as advice how to maintain backwards compatibility.

Motorola's Xoom is the first tablet that runs Android 3.0. We are expecting a wave of other Honeycomb tablets, including the LG Optimus Pad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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