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Immersis Project Brings the IMAX Experience to Home

Every major TV manufacturer has shown off some 100-plus inch behemoth TV that curves around at CES 2015. These giant screens mimick the IMAX experience. The Immersis Project wants to do the same, but exclusively for video games. And it does so without the need to find a way to fit a 107-inch TV in your home.

Currently in development, with a Kickstarter launch planned for later this year, Immersis is a LED projector that works in conjunction with a gaming PC and your TV to create a huge and (hopefully) immersive gaming experience.

The projector itself, despite it's cool looking design, is fairly traditional. 1080p native resolution, HDMI and DVI input, three LED light source with a 50,000 hour lifespan, and 3000 lumens brightness. The big departure from other projectors is the fish eye lens on the front that curves the image around the player.

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Where Immersis really hopes to stand out is with their software that syncs the projector up to the gaming source and the monitor or TV to merge the two display types together. The small scale sample seen in the video above, worked very well with no lag between the TV and projector.

Sadly, the image quality leaves something to be desired -- not because of a deficiency of the projector, but because living room walls are a less than ideal surface to project images onto. So expect a very washed out immersive experience, or you can always pony up the cash to cover your walls in projection screen material.

Developer kits for Immersis are expected to be sold later this year for $500, and we were assured repeatedly that many of the games currently on the market could be adapted to this technology rather effortlessly in game makers choose to do so. A Kickstarter is also planned for October or November of 2015.

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