Gamescom 2016: Metal Gear Survive, Injustice 2 and South Park Farts!

Gamescom 2016 is officially underway, and we've already seen tons of big, surprising and flat-out weird announcements from Germany's huge annual games show. Fortunately, you don't need to fly across the country to keep up with the action -- we'll be keeping this page fresh with all of the biggest reveals and trailers coming out of Cologne.

If you want to enjoy gameplay demos and interviews live from the Gamescom show floor, you can do so on Twitch and YouTube. Here are our highlights so far, including the awkward return of Metal Gear and a South Park accessory that brings real-life farts to your face.

Metal Gear is Back... as a Zombie Game?

The first Metal Gear since Hideo Kojima's tumultuous departure from Konami is here, and it's probably not what you wanted. Metal Gear Survive is a co-op survival horror game set during the events of Metal Gear Solid V, and it looks way more like a Resident Evil spin-off than the kind of over-the-top stealth adventure that the series is known for. If you're not totally turned off, you can pick it up for PS4, Xbox One and PC next year.

Star Wars Battlefront Will Finally Let You Blow Up the Death Star

The one big thing missing from Star Wars Battlefront is epic space battles, but that will all change soon. EA just took the wraps off the game's new Battle Station mode, which will let teams of Rebels and Imperials recreate the fateful Death Star battle from Episode IV in its entirety. You'll start out dogfighting in space, land on the Death Star for some on-foot skirmishes, and then finally battle to perform -- or prevent -- the iconic trench run that blew the imposing space station to bits. Battle Station will be part of September's Death Star DLC pack, which also introduces Chewbacca and Bossk as playable characters.

South Park Delivers the Next Level of Gaming Immersion: Farts

The creators of South Park are experts at lampooning just about anything, and virtual reality is no exception. Folks on the Gamescom show floor are currently getting a fresh whiff of the Nosulus Rift, a real-life device that lets you smell actual farts while you create virtual ones in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. We'll have to wait and see if Ubisoft ends up actually selling the Nosulus, but for now, check out the device's hilarious reveal trailer, which is a pitch-perfect parody of the dramatic, self-important videos we see so often from our favorite tech makers.

Suicide Squad Stars Come to Injustice 2

With Suicide Squad just hitting theaters, its no surprise to see Harley Quinn and Deadshot join the roster of DC Comics brawler Injustice 2. Harley looks to retain her mix of mallet-swinging and pistol-blasting from the first game, but can now summon her two Hyenas to feast on her opponents. Newcomer Deadshot is DC's greatest marksman, and his badass wrist guns and powerful long-range attacks definitely show it. Look forward to beating up Batman and Superman with these two baddies when Injustice 2 drops for PS4 and Xbox One next year.

Resident Evil 7 Looks Even More Terrifying

We were delightfully freaked out by our first taste of Resident Evil 7 back at E3, and the game's new "Lantern" trailer is even more spooky. The clip shows a creepy, lantern-wielding woman follow our shrieking protagonist through a house, all while every possible escape door manages to slam shut. The best part? You'll be able to experience every minute of this first-person, horror-heavy series reboot on PlayStation VR.

The New Overwatch Map Looks Awesome

Leave it to Blizzard to debut its epic, Germany-based Overwatch map at the country's biggest gaming event. The popular online shooter's upcoming Eichenwalde arena looks gorgeous and massive, allowing players to battle within an abandoned village before making their way inside of a towering castle. The map also seems to feature plenty of set pieces that help flesh out the game's story.

Michael Andronico

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