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Sprint Drops Galaxy Tab Price to Just $300

The fact that CES was awash with tablets confirms what we knew long before we touched down in Vegas: the likes of the iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab have started something big. Unfortunately, with new technologies like Tegra 2 and 4G, products like the Galaxy Tab are already starting to look a little bit out of date. Perhaps that’s why carriers are starting to cut prices?

Last week Verizon cut the price of the Galaxy Tab to $499. This week, Sprint is jumping on the bandwagon; the company has dropped the price of the on-contract Galaxy Tab to just $299 and is adopting a $499 pricetag for the off-contract version of the tablet.

Whether this is because carriers are feeling a little uneasy about all the new technology 2011 has already offered (we’re only two weeks in!), or Samsung is gearing up to announce a successor to the Tab remains unclear. Still, if you’re hankering for some tablet action and just can’t wait until the inevitable Mobile World Congress (February 14-17) announcements, then you might want to head to Sprint on your way home from work.